Since I didn’t take photos this is going to be another quick report of the various mini projects I did yesterday. Most of them were successful.

  • So, remember that TV that started working after Dad bought a new one? It turned back into a radio so rather than mess with it we just put up the new one and took the old one to be recycled. I spent much of this week getting the settings the way we want. Yesterday I tried to put in an old soundbar but for some reason the bar itself didn’t want to stay connected. Luckily the TV already has really good sound so it’s just a question of what to do with that. At some point my dad would like to get surround sound speakers but that’s hardly a priority in this economy.
  • I did however actually show him how to use one of the smart TV features and he figured it out. If you knew my dad you would know this is a huge victory. He doesn’t even use all the features on his tablet.
  • Another thing I worked on this week was preparing for a mini-podcasting event I do on the other site every year. That mean going through and setting up programs and various bits of hardware. While I didn’t succeed at everything I succeeded at everything that’s important to this project…though I do need to check one more arrangement before the month is out. I can start and that’s what matters.
  • My project drive, where I host my video content and finished shows as back-up is all messed up. I have a friend working on it.

So a mostly successful week of projects. I’ll take that victory after last week.