Leaving My House…yes it counts as a project

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I know, this post is incredibly late, but worth it. I have been stuck in this house for years, only getting out for medical reasons or going shopping. I’d include family events but the…recent viral scare…shut most of those up. With no money to go anywhere, health concerns both mine and international, and no place to go if those weren’t issues I really haven’t gone much of anywhere lately.

Well Saturday was the first time since the aforementioned scare that we had a Christmas block party and I went to it. And boy did I need it. Right now I’m still really tired and I stubbed by toe because in an area near where I parked by car the brush hid the lack of road in one corner, I needed to get out of the house and be around people, even if I didn’t interact with anyone. I just needed the reminder that people still exist outside of my dad, the occasional visitor, the doctors and nurses, and those pixel-formed images on my screen. I didn’t go shopping or need my insides examined…I just went out and enjoyed myself.

So if nothing got done with my clutter this week, fine. I enjoyed myself for the first time in a long time and the only thing I really need is a good masseuse. My massage cushion will have to do but at least I feel relaxed. Ready to go to sleep, but relaxed. I so needed it.


So Many Cables To Organize


My projects come in waves, and reassessment has become part of the “game” for me. For this week’s project…yes, I’m actually doing an intense project this week in case you missed those…it was time to go back through the cables and other stuff because the way I had them organized just wasn’t working.

The drawer above is in my studio, and it’s where I keep the cables and a few other electronic stuff. These are items I don’t expect to access that often because after this I put a small table in there. This corner is also my art corner, you see, and now every time I go in there I have to take the stuff off the table, move the table, knock over a CD rack of CD-Roms I still need to go over and forget they’re there (my computer situation is a bit annoying at the moment but that’s for another discussion), and then go through bag after bag to see if I can find what I’m looking for. Over the past few weeks I’ve had to go in there trying to find this or that. Well this week I wanted to make this task easier.

The goal: go through and better organize the cables so I can find them easier and reorganize this drawer with my regular electronic drawer to make it easier to find what I need.


What The Heck Is “Swedish Death Cleaning”?

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This article is going to be a bit unusual compared to what you usually see here at The Clutter Reports. Usually this is about me decluttering my living space and occasionally I’ll post a video of someone else cleaning if I don’t have anything to report but want to have something interesting since I have subscribers to the site and want to reward them for adding me to their emails, RSS feeds, and WordPress reader. Plus if they help inspire you and me with our decluttering, so much the better. That was the intent this week after a non-report last week and getting over a brief bout of sickness this week meaning I didn’t get anything done. So as I’m looking for a video for decluttering inspiration I came across a video by YouTube channel But First, Coffee with the title “I Finally Tried Swedish Death Cleaning (and it actually works)”. I have never heard of this before but color me intrigued.

So we’re going to watch this 12+ minute video and I’ll give my thoughts on it, stream of consciousness style. That’s something I usually do over at the media reviewing site, so I’m putting those skills to use here. Have any of you heard about or tried this? As I write this intro I have yet to watch the video so I have no idea what I’m about to walk into here. I’m assuming this is an expression and no Swedes were harmed in the decluttering of this space. Otherwise, I’m going in blind. Let’s see what this is.


No report this week

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I think the only reason I’m doing a report on both my sites is I want to make sure my readers know I didn’t forget or haven’t gone back to the hospital or something. So there’s no regular article here today. We had to replace the TV that had the sound dropping so we could hear what we’re watching and that took up some of my time as I had to set up. It didn’t help that I had sleeping issues two nights in a row and spent the whole weekend in a funk. This would be the same weekend my friend had to go through and fix my project drive, which I still need to go over to see what happened and if anything got lost in the glitch or the transfer to a new removable drive. So add that to the electronics issues I’ve been having. I also got a nosebleed out of nowhere tonight. Fun.

Don’t worry, because there will be a new decluttering project next weekend unless something else happens. Sorry for the post-by-definition-only and hopefully there will be something worth coming to the site for, even if I have to do another video or something. Happy decluttering!