I think the only reason I’m doing a report on both my sites is I want to make sure my readers know I didn’t forget or haven’t gone back to the hospital or something. So there’s no regular article here today. We had to replace the TV that had the sound dropping so we could hear what we’re watching and that took up some of my time as I had to set up. It didn’t help that I had sleeping issues two nights in a row and spent the whole weekend in a funk. This would be the same weekend my friend had to go through and fix my project drive, which I still need to go over to see what happened and if anything got lost in the glitch or the transfer to a new removable drive. So add that to the electronics issues I’ve been having. I also got a nosebleed out of nowhere tonight. Fun.

Don’t worry, because there will be a new decluttering project next weekend unless something else happens. Sorry for the post-by-definition-only and hopefully there will be something worth coming to the site for, even if I have to do another video or something. Happy decluttering!