My projects come in waves, and reassessment has become part of the “game” for me. For this week’s project…yes, I’m actually doing an intense project this week in case you missed those…it was time to go back through the cables and other stuff because the way I had them organized just wasn’t working.

The drawer above is in my studio, and it’s where I keep the cables and a few other electronic stuff. These are items I don’t expect to access that often because after this I put a small table in there. This corner is also my art corner, you see, and now every time I go in there I have to take the stuff off the table, move the table, knock over a CD rack of CD-Roms I still need to go over and forget they’re there (my computer situation is a bit annoying at the moment but that’s for another discussion), and then go through bag after bag to see if I can find what I’m looking for. Over the past few weeks I’ve had to go in there trying to find this or that. Well this week I wanted to make this task easier.

The goal: go through and better organize the cables so I can find them easier and reorganize this drawer with my regular electronic drawer to make it easier to find what I need.

Step one is to pull everything out of that drawer. Cables, modems, electronics–part of this is to find out what I have. I found stuff I need to ask my computer-expert friend about to see if I can even use any of this stuff and if not how to get rid of it. Maybe some retro collector will buy it or maybe I’ll have to get it recycled. I’ll look into that after I’ve organize a few other things so I don’t have to bug him constantly about this. Dude has…well, more of a life than I do anyway.

The heavy focus was to reorganize the cables so they make sense, collecting some into the same bag, but dividing them into small bags within the big bag. For example, here (if you could read the writing) I have different kinds of cables that are part of the same group but different kinds of connectors. I put the same connectors into their own bag, and then collect the shared division (different types of TV connection cables I think) into a shared bag. That means there won’t be a bunch of little bags. I know the composite cables are in the TV bag so I get that out and then dig through the coaxial cable to find them. It’s actually less work than going through the audio cables, power cords, and modems to find the right bag. It’s a TV cable. Find that bag first and only have to go through a couple bags rather than all the bags.

Once that was done I went to the other electronics drawer and some stuff in my work desk drawer and properly sorted them. Stuff I may need a lot or will have to test to see if they work go in the easy to access drawer. Anything for the work desk goes back there. The rest returns to the harder to access drawer in the art corner until I can make better arrangements. Additionally, while some boxes that, for example, the massage cushion adapter goes in are fine some items didn’t need to stay in their package. The USB to device cables can go together rather than keeping one in the package it came in (part of a two pack whose pal is being used for my scanner) and the loose one loose. Put them in a shared bag.

There are also items I want to go over to see if I can even use them. If not they go with the stuff I need to talk to my friend about. I did not discern that this time. Yesterday was sorting project alongside having to set up a new cable box because the old one was having the same sound issues as the TV we had to bring back. (No, I don’t think that was the problem with the new TV. The sound was screwing up for the smart channels as well. It’s bad enough having to reboot a cable box constantly. Doing the TV too was getting annoying. Although it means ONCE AGAIN I’ve lost shows and movies I’ve been wanting to see…including a few shows that will never be on again because the network was run by fools and recently shut down.) It was kind of a bonus project, but I wouldn’t have had time to test all the gadgets in this week’s project anyway. The plan was to sort and sort I did.

So here’s the easier to access electronics drawer, featuring stuff I want to test and stuff I already know I need easy access to. Hopefully next week or over the next two weeks (maybe the latter given I may have plans next weekend) I hope to get to test these items out. Some of them may end up in the other drawer and some in the work drawer while others will be sold or recycled. It all depends on various factors when I go to test them and each has their own factors. That’s the project I plan to work on next.