I know, this post is incredibly late, but worth it. I have been stuck in this house for years, only getting out for medical reasons or going shopping. I’d include family events but the…recent viral scare…shut most of those up. With no money to go anywhere, health concerns both mine and international, and no place to go if those weren’t issues I really haven’t gone much of anywhere lately.

Well Saturday was the first time since the aforementioned scare that we had a Christmas block party and I went to it. And boy did I need it. Right now I’m still really tired and I stubbed by toe because in an area near where I parked by car the brush hid the lack of road in one corner, I needed to get out of the house and be around people, even if I didn’t interact with anyone. I just needed the reminder that people still exist outside of my dad, the occasional visitor, the doctors and nurses, and those pixel-formed images on my screen. I didn’t go shopping or need my insides examined…I just went out and enjoyed myself.

So if nothing got done with my clutter this week, fine. I enjoyed myself for the first time in a long time and the only thing I really need is a good masseuse. My massage cushion will have to do but at least I feel relaxed. Ready to go to sleep, but relaxed. I so needed it.