This is not the messed-up menu for the video drive. This is my back-up drive…where I learned a number of things about organizing and decluttering that I could bring into my physical decluttering and vice versa. This week I wanted to organize my video projects drive. For my other site I do articles, comics, and videos. I’ve even done some videos for this site, like the Parblo A610 graphics tablet review and the Godzilla Stomp card game. Time and life events prevented me from doing a lot of videos lately, and then my old video project drive when crazy when I tried to organize it like I did the back-up drive. A friend of mine managed to save the footage and transfer it to a NEW video project drive and this week I finally was able to go through it and being organizing.

Yes, begin. I did the heavy stuff this week but like before further organizing and deleting is in my future. This week was about getting the essential organizing going, creating a place for everything like I’ve started doing for the physical clutter and deleting multiples and unneeded files to take up less space. Virtual clutter is almost as bad as the realspace stuff for the same reasons. It takes up room you could be using and makes finding what you want a mess. So here’s what I was able to do in this round.