Okay, this week’s project is continuing the video projects drive, but I’m using the same general tips from the previous backup drive reorganizing so why go over that again? So I thought maybe this week I’d use another video.

As part of my decluttering I have reviewed numerous Transformers figures as well as other action figures. So far all I’ve managed to sell through the “clutter for sale” section are the MegaMan NT Warrior figures, though I did get a couple of offers for one of the e-dexes…which I’m not planning to sell at this time. I want to move the stuff I know I want to get rid of before I reconsider stuff I’m on the fence about. I’m sure I’m not the only one looking to declutter a toy collection but some of you out there may not be up on all the action figure terminology, especially when it comes to Transformers, when it comes to buying or selling toys for your collection or perhaps someone who passed away and left a lot of these plastic-and-occasionally-metal transforming robot toys.

So for fun and to have an article worth posting this week, I found a video by the YouTube channel TF Collector going over all the terms used by Transformers fans, collectors, and sellers both official an unofficial that you should be aware of not only for Transformers but many of these terms also apply to other action figure lines. Here’s your 101 on toy terminology.