Okay, yesterday hit a setback. It happens. You roll with it, try to get back on track, and press forward. That’s kind of been my life lately anyway, after all the medical issues. So decluttering is like life…or something. I write sci-fi superheroes and snarky media commentary, not poetry.

After spending yesterday organizing one series I thought was all set, today I targeted the Ts, finish out the alphabet, and figure out the storage arrangement for my current goals. The Ts were easy, though that’s because of how I’m doing the storage part currently. After that the remaining letters were a breeze and so we moved on to the second half. I accomplished everything I wanted to do today under the new plan, so pressing forward actually happened. Let me tell you about it…because that’s why I have this site, talking about decluttering and organizing to get myself to declutter and organize.

So first off I pulled the Transformers comics out of the separated longbox, replacing them with the comics I pulled from the magazine racks. If you missed yesterday I want to put the comics I’m currently reviewing in that spo, which includes the Sonic The Hedgehog group of comics and whatever is left in my collection I haven’t discussed on my website. I’m going to finally integrate the Transformers comics into the full collection like any other franchise timeline. It made sense years ago to keep the Transformers separate but times change, decluttering and organizing a collection is a regular thing–a warning to anyone who wants to get into collecting any form of media or other thing to collect–, and now it makes more sense to just mix them in with everything else. I’m sure a case could even be made that this should have happened a long time ago and it was something I considered at various points but that was going to be a lot of work. Well, I’m doing this now so it’s as good as any, like adding to the house while you’re already doing the renovation.

The actual mixing of the Transformers comics into the collection proper should come during the final storing integration for this step of the process. Whether I need one day or two on that will depend on what happens to me over the next two days.

Meanwhile I went through the rest of the comics, culled the comics I need to review on my other site from the ones I don’t, and put the reviewing comics into a different section of the magazine rack. I pulled the comics from somewhere in the Phantom comic books (based on the comic strip) to somewhere during¬†Robotech, with¬†MASK through early Phantom books put into the longbox. It would have been nice if they could have all gone in there but no such luck. It turns out I have quite a bit of empty spots in the magazine rack. What I’m going to do with those will depend on what happens tomorrow. The early idea is to put the graphic novels that wouldn’t fit normal comic longboxes into the rack but it depends on whether they’ll stay and if I end up needing that space when I start filling up the plastic drawer cabinets tomorrow. If I have space I’d like to put the magazines in there and clean up the bigger drawers, where I had to temporarily put the magazines before the comic cut-down began, but that all depends on what I need.

So by not letting a setback hold me back more than the time it takes to get some sleep and get my day started I was able to not be where I wanted by day 4 but get caught up enough to feel accomplished and see the final goal for this phase in sight. That’s a victory I’m happy to take.