I didn’t get a lot done today, but I think I actually have a good defense. To help you understand let’s go back to 2016. If you’ve been here long enough for stumbled upon those days in the archives you know this was a hard year for me. Diverticulitis, an inflamed region of colon that had to be removed, with the rest connected six months later. Between those two surgeries I had a blood clot that put me on thinners for a year, minus the reconnection surgery and some dental work. This left me with a hernia that wasn’t removed until 2021, with a mesh added in there just for fun. And not dying I guess.

All of that, probably more the hernia as it restricted how much I could lift without major risk, led to me not doing a lot of physical labor over the past few years. So understand that running back and forth between two rooms with huge stacks of comics books takes a toll even when we’re only really working on half the collection. I was sore last night and had trouble falling asleep. So forgive me if I needed to take it a bit easier, and it may take two days to finish up depending on how much I overdid it. Still, I got something done or there wouldn’t be a report.

So I did manage to get a few comics in the plastic drawer boxes. Not as many as you see in the photo because I’m still using older photos (maybe I’ll take new ones for the final wrap-up article) but from Tron to the rest of the letters. I did take out any comics I still have to review for my other site, but even then I had a full stack–we’re measuring “full stack” by taking up room in the drawer, two stacks maximum the way I’m storing them–which gives me some idea of how much space I’m going to need. Going with how the S titles already reviewed takes up both drawers, with small pile left over, I’m not yet sure if I’m going to need both drawer cabinets and the one in my studio. It would be nice to have all the comics in one room but we’ll see how things turn out. However, I’m not up for playing that game today.

I did manage to partially sort the Transformers comics. I don’t want to make the same mistake I made with the Sonic comics, which could have been already screwed up before I started or something I did wrong in how I organized the piles to go into the magazine rack. All I have left to do are four piles, making sure the dates and continuities are properly sorted and I can tell which pile I should grab next. Tomorrow I hope to do the remaining piles and start putting them away in the drawers. This of course depends on how I feel given I really should have thought this through, remembering how little exercise and lifting I’ve done, and I wasn’t exactly a weightlifter before I got sick. I have said I need this exercise and I stick by that, but unlike the gaming meme, my body was NOT ready.

So left to do: go through the rest of the Transformers piles so I don’t grab them in the wrong order, put them in the drawers, follow that with the rest of the comics fromĀ The Phantom through the early letter T-titled comics already reviewed–and I just realized that the Rs need to be properly mixed in due to how I had them versus what they’re sorted like now. I may finish tomorrow, I might not finish until Monday. This time I’m not going to let myself get frustrated or overworked, and do this the right way so I don’t have to do it again until the reviews are all done. I really don’t want to go through this any more times than I have to. I do want this big table out of the studio so I can get back to comics, articles, videos, and less physically intensive decluttering. Don’t be surprised if I take next week off just to heal up, but this needs to be done.