March is a busy month for me this year. I had numerous medical appointments, one each week practically, set up for this month. This week it was a colonoscopy. Getting the pharmacy, doctor, and insurance to agree on a certain medicine took up time as well.

Additionally this week I wanted to get the bathroom clean. That should have still allowed me to do a decluttering project this week, but at some point I hurt my shoulder. Thankfully it wasn’t enough to see another doctor, given I’m doing enough of that this month, but at some point I must have slept on it wrong because Tuesday it started bothering me. It was better by Thursday so I started cleaning the bathroom…and Saturday morning it was hurting again. Clearly it hadn’t healed as much as I would have hoped, so this kept me from doing anything except nursing the shoulder. I took the opportunity to attempt to burn through my distracting YouTube backlog, which is a form of declutter if I stretch the project goal a bit…probably a lot depending on your point of view.

So I didn’t declutter (unless you count the backlog) but I did get some cleaning in. Also the colonoscopy was mostly positive (I still have Crohn’s and diverticulosis) so that’s a positive. Next week should be a book review, which given my schedule next week that’s all I’d have time for anyway, so expect a decent article then. Hopefully there will be no shoulder issues and I can get back to what I’m supposed to be doing here after that. In the meantime, hope you all remembered to set your clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time.