The dusting continues. Today the last area of the bedroom (I hope by the next time I have to dust I can do a whole room in a day–it’s not even that big a room) and next week I start on the studio. So it’s time to watch someone else declutter in the hopes of picking up a few tips.

I like to draw and sometimes I actually have time to do it. My current art corner can go from digital to analog and back again, which is why I like it. However, I do find myself doing minor tweeks to the layout trying to get it completely serviceable. Perfect is an illusion and needs change depending on what you’re doing. So when I put “declutter and organize” in the YouTube search bar this time a video about one girl’s quest to organize her art space got my attention. YouTuber and artist apple.cheeks shows us some of the ways she’s found to organize her art space, but some of these could also work for any home office area you have. Check it out.

Repurposing the wine rack is my favorite of her ideas. My dad took a standing wine rack and turned it into an island. The idea was to hold the larger soda bottles we were getting but when we both stopped drinking as much soda (haven’t quit cold turkey) a few alterations made the shelves good for plastic wrap, cutting boards, and other stuff. It may not be as clean as a set of drawers but it’s easier to get into if you forgot to grab it while your hands are messy.

I also see nothing wrong with using the jars to organize your brushes or pens. I don’t do any painting myself, as I prefer to draw, but I’ve done enough with it that I know a few things about storing brushes and it’s a good system. A lot of people use mugs to hold their pens, but I have an art caddy that my parents’ got me so that’s what I use. I find myself resorting it now and then. The host, Tiffany Tan (check out her art here) researched the expensive stuff and found ways to reuse and improve the looks of cheaper stuff. If you aren’t an artist we’re just talking a bit of paint. She didn’t even add more than a few coats of spray paint to make the rack into a pencil rack she can enjoy looking at and have handy. She didn’t even really need to go to Target. Try a closeout store like Big Lots, Ocean State Job Lot, or whatever’s in your area. If you’re really thrifty or artistic, something at Dollar Tree or if there are any dollar stores left near you might work. Dad got his rack from Goodwill so try a thrift store.

What other neat tips do you artists or home office users have for organizing your workspace?