Today I was going to talk about selling comics, namely MY comics and some issues I had and needed to consider. Then I didn’t get much sleep Friday night which basically killed all of my time on Saturday as I woke up late and still needed a nap later in the day. There was no time to write anything but I didn’t want to miss another week. Barring similar or other problems I’ll do a full discussion on what I’ve gone through next week.

Instead I bring you the following video about what you should consider if you’re going to cut down or eliminate your comic book collection. It’s a good video for any of you not as knowledgeable about comics as I am or people even more in the know than I am. The video by Zen Watercooler goes over the various ages of comics, ways to grade comics to find out what they’re worth, and different methods of selling them, all info I could use frankly.

Hopefully I can update my own quest next week. It’s an important step in the Comic Organizing Mega Project after all.