This week’s entry into the Comic Organizing Mega-Project involved the decluttering phase, namely it’s time to sell some of these. I have way too many comics to enjoy, a product of having money and not being prepared to not like the comics. I couldn’t have known that when I ordered them of course.

I tried to take the easy way out and sell them to a local comic store since I trust the owner (in fact most of these were probably bought from his store back in the day after my previous store of choice closed down) but what he could get for them was a fraction of what they were worth overall. He has to worry about what will sell in his market, how long they’d sit there, and it doesn’t always match what it could be worth online, a clearly larger market. If decluttering was the only goal I’d have said the heck with it, get what I could get, and move on to going through the next batch. However I have been out of work for many years and I really need the money, so for me it was worth the extra effort to at least attempt to sell them myself. So that’s what this week was setting up.


I have a stack of comics in a bag, the one I brought to the store. The stack anyway; the bag shredded because a group of comics is surprisingly heavy. I already had them listed in a spreadsheet so yesterday I just went through every comic in the spreadsheet, went to a free pricing guide site (the only one I could find that was free without hunting forever), and looked the comics up. When that site didn’t work (because it was very particular in how you worded things sometimes and didn’t care at others) I looked around a few other places. The only one I couldn’t find a price for was the above trade collection of Hamilton Comics’ first miniseries forĀ Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, which I reviewed in a previous comic report. I already have the separate issues and bought the trade for someone I knew was a fan of the show…only to have his tastes change by the next time I saw him and luckily forgot to bring it with me. So now I need to figure out how to sell this because I can’t find a reliable price for it anywhere on the internet. It’s the same issue I’m having with the untranslated manga.

Now the prices I got from this site, Comic Book Realm, may not be what I sell them for. I may bundle story arcs and miniseries. I may also lower the price slightly to get more eyes on it. What I do know is that the Comics For Sale page here on this site that not a lot of people read–it’s admittedly kind of niche and other decluttering and review sites are more well traveled–will not be enough. Thanks to last week’s video I have a few more options. The store owner did recommend Facebook Marketplace over eBay since eBay takes a cut and there are other fees involved. It’s more of an auction site though some people do direct sales. I don’t want to deal with auctions so just selling them outright is the better option. There are also other sites where collectors can find comics and that might be an option. I still have more organizing before I make my final decision, and I plan to make that next week’s project.

I also plan to do a major overhaul on the Comics For Sale page just in case, and may extend that to the other sections on the whole Clutter For Sale section but that’s a bit later. Right now I want to get some of these comics out of here and put some much needed funds into my account. Meanwhile I’m still going through comics, but what I need to do is keep a running total of new comics going into the for sale piles as I review them on my site. This way I won’t take all day doing this in the future and can list things faster once I finally set up a selling position. This project continues to…continue.