“I own too much junk!”

That was almost the name of this blog, because my collections have gotten way out of hand. I’m tripping over my videos to get to my games, while trying not to knock my toys into the pile of comics. Add in other factors, and I’m a disorganized mess.

The Clutter Report is my attempt to get myself to clean and trim down the collection by making myself write at least one article a week about getting my stuff together and making my living space livable. I’m also open to advice, tips by readers, and anyone willing to buy some of the stuff I’m getting rid of. (We can all use the money.) Otherwise, it’s going to donations, gifts, and possibly contests on my main site, the BW Media Spotlight.

I hope you find it informative and all, but this is mostly about me turning my quirks into a way to get me to finally do something about all this…clutter!


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