Introducing The Clutter Reports Sell Page

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I’ve been doing this site for a while now, and it has included reviews of items to decide if I want to get rid of them or now. And yet those items I said I wanted to get rid of are still here. I was planning on selling them on eBay. I even have an account. What I don’t have is money in my PayPal account to serve as a buffer in case something happens. So I haven’t done it. With my current situation it will be impossible to ever do so. Therefore I’m cutting out the middle site.

If you look above you will see a new tab has been added: “Clutter For Sale”. It’s all the items I know I want to get rid of, broken down by type, plus a miscellaneous section for anything that doesn’t fit. So far there are categories for books, comics, toys, and video games, with only comics and toys currently having anything to offer. At least for now; as we continue there will be more there. When available there are links to reviews I’ve done here and at my other site so you can’t say I’m being dishonest about anything. If you get a comic with a bad story or a toy missing a feature I said so at the time. I don’t want to screw over anybody and hopefully nobody wants to screw me over.

Right now I can only do domestic shipping, and you’ll have to pay for the shipping. As I get more money in reserve I may be able to be more flexible. Orders can be paid through PayPal or by check (or cash if you’re really that trusting…I wouldn’t be). Contact information is on the page if something is there that you want. And if there isn’t keep looking back. As I review stuff here or at the other site things I don’t want will end up here. (Some comics are also multiples.) If you have questions let me know. Hopefully I can get rid of some of this stuff at last.


Book & Record Report: Superman book & record

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So I’m hopefully done with this latest kidney stone issue but I haven’t gotten back to action just yet. So here’s another crosspost from the other site…which I also didn’t get to work on this week.

Remember when Superman was fun? DC wants you to forget fun altogether unless killing heroes, dismemberment, and boobs all in your face is your idea of fun. They’re all for you then. But I want to look at a Superman story from my youth. Namely, this one.

Superman...smiling? When will you see that again?

Superman…smiling? When will you see that again?

This is from the Peter Pan Book & Record series. They made a lot of licensed book & record comics, including other DC characters, horror stories like Frankenstein and Dracula (possibly the Marvel Dracula and it was all kid-friendly stuff), and TV shows like Star Trek. I have one of the Star Trek stories and we’ll get to that someday.

There are two things in this review you don’t usually get in a “Scanning My Collection” article. One is what you’re not getting: credits. I can’t seem to find concrete proof of who worked on this comic or the accompanying audio so I can’t really comment on them. The other is audio actually showing you the story in a rather decent presentation combining the audio (minus the page change noises) and the comic panels. So watch for yourself…”City Under Siege”! Bing.


CD Report: Godzilla audio drama

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Godzilla audio drama

With the new Godzilla movie hitting theaters I thought this would be a good time to go over some more Godzilla merchandise in my collection. I’ve never really discussed my music collection or my audio dramas. I love a good audio drama. There are limitations due to no video they have to get across and it’s interesting to see what they can pull off.

In the 1970s, after the original series of Godzilla movies had finished, Wonderland Records produced a record with two audio dramas featuring the King Of The Monsters. In 1997, as Tri-Star and Roland Emmierch were releasing the previous attempt as an American Godzilla movie (and kind of failed at it) Drive Entertainment found and re-released the stories on DVD along with some “dance” remixes featuring audio from the dramas and an original theme that also gets a “clean” track. The music to be honest wasn’t all that great, but at least they didn’t damage my ears. So let’s ignore them and talk about the two stories.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters


ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Wonderland Records

RE-PUBLISHER: Drive Entertainment (under “Drive Golden” label)

Stories produced by Cinema Sound Ltd./Bonita Claudian & Box Goemann
Music produced and mixed by Gomi, courtesy of Pagoda Entertainment
Reissue producer: Stephen Powers
Repackage Design: Victoria Podolski
Production Coordinator: Priscilla Sanchez
Digital remastering by Mixed Nuts, N.Y.C

No credits given for the cast or original creators although I recognize a voice or two.