More Small Projects

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Last time we discussed a project it was a series of smaller projects rather than one big project, something to try to start me off again after taking so much time off for Christmas and illness, the latter being unplanned. Getting sick numerous times in February and March was a huge problem and basically threw off a lot of my intended plans. It’s tough to take a mental break from projects for both my sites when I’ve lost so much time not being able to do much of anything. I hate getting sick.

This week I had a few more short projects I decided to focus on because they needed to be done so why not use the de-clutter day of my week to do them, what with the distractions this week?


A Few Smaller Projects

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Over the past few weeks my projects have been about setting up the digital side of my art corner. I did do a bit more of that this week but I also did a few smaller projects this week as well. Nothing really exciting but it’s still stuff that needed to be done, and with a book report coming next week I wanted something to discuss. That’s the secret tagline of this site. “I have an article to write, I need to clean something!”

So that’s what I did. Here’s a short list of this week’s projects.


Quick Report: Gathering Software

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Not much to report this week. With all the sick leave I’ve had to take I’ve been going through a series of doctor-prescribed tests to figure out what’s going on. Friday I had to get a colonoscopy, and thanks to a doctor calling out they were really busy. I didn’t get to eat or drink anything until afterwards, and that turned out to be most of the day. With the anesthesia I ended up taking a nap when I got home because the best way to overcome a fake nap is with a real one. Point is Saturday I needed to rest.

I did however take some time to go over my software and gather together all the art programs, clip art, fonts, and the like that I plan to put onto the “artputer”, making it my go-to machine in my art corner for doing digital artwork. Hopefully next week (possibly over the next week but I’ll still hoping for an open appointment to get my first Covid shot and I need to make an appointment to see my regular doctor for a check-up among other chores) I’ll be able to start installing it and making this a proper digital art-making machine.

The sooner this is done the sooner I get back to proper clutter maintenance and the reports and reviews y’all come here for.

Quick Report: Getting The Artputer Going

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I’m going to be devoting the next week or so to getting the “Artputer” fully active so I can make all kinds of cool stuff. It qualifies as a Clutter project because it involves me getting my work area going and some things I’ll have to do with the rest of the project days I have available. This week my project was getting it to minimum comic making status for my weekly comic. That included:


Returning To Things

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Well, I’m feeling okay…again…so it’s time to get back to work…again. Considering how many emails I didn’t get to read during these two sick leaves that was today’s project. I also checked out a new laptop for my aunt and something was wrong with it. My dad’s going to have to send it back and find her something else. So that didn’t go as planned.

Still I did manage to catch up on most of the emails I was behind on due to the sick leaves, so at least one victory was achieved. Wish I had more to report. Hopefully next week I can do a real project…before I get sick again.

The Clutter Of Sickness

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“Sorry, Doctor Light. I’m sure that’s repairable.”

Hi. Just letting you know I haven’t disappeared. Remember that weird issue with gas, nausea, and other digestive nonsense I had at the start of February? Well, it hit again in March. Go back to my previous post to relive my frustration with how 2021 is staring out. So yeah, I haven’t gotten any clutter maintenance done the past few weeks. Also my email’s gotten filled up again so I’m going to try to at least get back to where I was before I got sick, after the last time I made going through my emailbox a priority. Surprisingly a lot of you liked that one. I guess everyone has to deal with that. It’s tough to read emails when you can’t keep your eyes open. I wish I had some new advice but I don’t. Hopefully we’ll get back up to speed on that one.

I’ll let you know when I get to clean or review something. It’ll be posted on this site so stay tuned. The project’s not done yet.

2021 Clutteral Disappointment

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I know it’s not a word. Just work with me here.

I was hoping that this week I would finally get back to clutter maintenance of some kind. I had to go out for milk, the bathroom needed cleaning again, and I still didn’t work on this week’s comic strip for my other site. At the very least I was hoping to do some virtual cleaning. Being sick led to my email boxes starting to fill up again and my YouTube backlog grew again because I was too tired to deal with either the last few weeks. Even my RSS feed is filling up with articles I need to read.

2021 doesn’t seem to be any better for me than 2020 was. At least I got stimulus money when I could use it and I’m already used to being stuck home, but this year isn’t starting off on a good footing. There’s a project I was hoping to resume, maybe get back on schedule, or come up with a schedule that would allow me to get projects done and still enjoy my weekends or something (except for when I do my clutter cleaning that I haven’t done). My biggest worry though is falling back into the habits that led to me making this site to get myself to organize. “I need an article this week. I need to clean something!” has basically been the mantra that got me either organizing a drawer, looking over things to see if I want to keep them or not, or making an area look less like crap. And being sick is probably the best way to fall back into old habits that end up with stuff everywhere. Tell me you’re not less inclined to clean when all you want to do is lie in bed, and then have to find the motivation to get back to it once you’re feeling better. I’ll tell you you’re either rare or full of it…and most likely the latter.

I have to push myself to get back in the game, not just here but in stuff I do for the other site. I want to get caught up on emails, DVR, YouTube, RSS, and actual work projects that you probably also don’t care about unless you also read my other site. Maybe the goal I need to set for this year is less about organizing the clutter and more about organizing myself. It won’t matter if I can’t either get my sleep schedule back in order or learn to work with it, like I learned to do with my art style. I just need to figure out how to do either and which is the best idea. I don’t want to fall back into my old habits, but it may also mean deciding between a clutter project and one of my art projects or some other resolution. I’m going to have to think about this if I’m ever going to push forward instead of just fighting to stay caught up.

Another Health Update

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Yeah, I don’t have any images related to this. Not sure how this came up under “gas” though.

So I appear to be on the mend. The gas is back to my normal levels and I’m almost back to regular eating (for me) and I’m writing again. Sadly I didn’t have the energy to anything clutter-related this week but I am down 30 pounds from when I got sick, which was already down 20 from where I was at my last doctor visit. I think I have about 10 pounds more to lose until I’m closer to my ideal weight but I’m feeling much better overall.

Next week it’s back to the clutter maintenance.

The Clutter Reports Health Update

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I like my doctors. They do their job well and they aren’t supervillains.

I’m crossposting this between BW Media Spotlight and The Clutter Reports to save time. The former, being usually a daily site, already has part of this information but I’ve been sick this week. Given my current improving state I’m thinking the problem was just way too much gas, causing constipation early in the week and even throwing up one night–four times. Currently the gas is still present but a lot lighter. I’m not inflating in pain due to the pressure, no vomiting since (sorry if you’re reading this while eating) and the gurgling noises aren’t nearly as bad. Sleeping should be more comfortable but I still have to get the rest of this out.

On the BW side I’m going to be taking a few more days off. Hopefully I’ll return later in the week, but no daily comic reviews and I’m not sure what form anything else will take. I know that leaves Robotech Masters and Doctor Who: The Forgotten on their cliffhangers, as well as the Chapter By Chapter book review of BattleTech: I Am Jade Falcon but I’d rather take time and give you by best work rather that keep up the quantity and phone it in if I don’t have to. At the latest based on current recovery I should be back for Saturday Night Showcase. I’ve got more tokusatsu but we’ll take a short Ultraman break for Kamen Rider.

On the Clutter side, obviously this all means I didn’t do a clearing project this week, unless you count the gas cluttering my internal mechanisms. I did fall behind with the emails because I wasn’t up to being on the computer (also pushed back on the YouTube catch-up just as I was getting back to present–again) so if I don’t get a physical clutter project done I’ll work on that. At least it will be something, but I know that’s not what helps motivate others…unless your email box is just as backed up by years of emails…so hopefully I can do something more fulfilling.

At any rate I hope you’re all doing well between the two readerships (or if you read both sites, thank you) and I hope to be back in the game soon. Have a good week, folks!

Clutter & Other Goals For 2021 [v-log]

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I forgot to go into the software that turns my old smartphone into my new webcam, but the watermark that comes up around the 7 minute mark contains the url. Also didn’t show off the phone mount that connects to the tripod. I don’t need the ones with the built-in ring light because I don’t do anything with a webcam that often plus isn’t a ring light supposed to go around the camera to get the best lighting? A simple and cheaper phone holder was all I needed.

0:00 Intro
2:21: main goals
5:00 Clutter Report goals
9:06 BW Media Spotlight goals
19:05 creative goals

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