Quick Project: Shredding Day!

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You can just barely see in the corner of the picture a cardboard box. Until yesterday this was part of my cleaning process. I had amassed a lot of bills and junk mail and after one of the cleaning project I put stuff in there to be shredded. And promptly forgot to bring them downstairs to be shredded. Over time it kind of piled up and while I was willing to bring a little down at a time, my dad said I should bring the whole thing down so we could go over it. This “quick” project took all afternoon.

However, that’s one pile of papers tossed out or shredded. Now the goal is to not let the pile get that high again. I should read the mail downstairs when I get it and toss out or shred where appropriate rather than bringing it upstairs to read later and never getting around to it. And that’s what I intend to do. I don’t want a pile like this again. Now I just have all of that other reading to do, and other projects to handle. Does this project ever end?

Three Quick Projects

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So this is what I was going to do this week. The last time I worked on that corner of the closet I had fixed it up pretty well. It’s gotten slightly worse since then even though I don’t toss things back there like I used to. Still, it needed a revisit project…or so I thought. When I actually started I only had to worry about one thing. Not much of a project so I figured why not tackle a few minor projects that still needed a little time to devote to it. So that was this week’s projects.


Quick Project: Rolodex Update

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Card index, file system to register and search...

Card index, file system to register and search for addresses; manufactured by ROLODEX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This wasn’t the project I was supposed to be doing this week. However, since I put my back out last weekend (I think the way I sat in those theater seats, but that’s only a guess) lifting a lot of comics wasn’t in the stars this week. So I went back to a project that needed more time than I thought and started earlier in the day, namely updating my Rolodex. It was still only a day-long project, but I had to start earlier in the day than the last time.

I don’t have a spinning system like that. I don’t have enough phone numbers to need one. It’s a small, flat thing that has family members, friends, and doctors’ numbers. However, the last time I updated this thing Compuserve was still a big deal, two of my cousins were married, one has since re-married and another is on her first (and hopefully only) marriage with her own kids, other cousins’ kids have grown up and gone to college or gotten their own places (making me feel old since I have yet to even marry much less raise a family) and even a few people passed away. So yeah, that needs some updating. Too bad I ran out of new cards and whiting out the old ones wasn’t worth the effort. So I have to get some more refills in order to complete this project. However, numbers I no longer need or have changed are now fixed up like they should be and that’s what matters. Now if I can finish healing my back by next weekend I can finally do that comic organizing project that should have been done last year if not for all the problems. At least that’s another project off the dry ease board.

Quick Project: More Closet Cleaning

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I noticed a few new subscribers after last week’s book report. Hi. If you came for the story reviews, check out my primary website, BW Media Spotlight. You can also see me review the next book one chapter at a time, as well as reviews of comics, movies, TV shows, video games, and music as I examine the art of storytelling. This site is about organizing my clutter, so if you’re here for that, I only had time for a quick project this week.

Back to the closet.

This week’s project was supposed to be finally getting to the next phase of my comic organizing project. However, I had a chance to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (speaking of movie reviews AND more Star Wars) before it exited the theaters so I had to take it. And for that I needed pants. Warm pants because it’s still Winter in these here parts. So this week’s project was a continuation of the last closet-organizing project I did. It was time to not only test out my jeans but my long-sleeve shirt to see what fits and what doesn’t.


Quick Project: Password Maintenance

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No pictures for this one. This week’s project was about organizing all of my various passwords for websites, forums, and various other things. I keep them in a notebook, and one security measure experts tell you is to not have the same password for every website. However, finding a password was, like the shirts a few weeks ago, an exercise in frustration.

So what I did was assign each page their own letter. While I can’t list them alphabetically (sites go away and new sites get signed up to) I can sort them alphabetically, so all the “A”s are on one page, “B”s the next, and so on. This way I know I can find a password easier than I could before. It’s not perfect but it’s better than I had and will make life a little bit easier. And that’s what this is about, organizing clutter to make my life easier, and that was becoming cluttered in the notebook. Now to put it someplace safe until I need to log into something.

Quick Re-Projects

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Old picture. It’s what I had of the spot.

With my re-connection surgery looming I wanted to get a few more quick projects out of my hair. I’ve been told this is outpatient (although if I have to at least stay overnight I won’t be surprised) but I don’t know how long the recovery will be. I’m hopeful it will be shorter since I’m in better condition than I was the first time. But we aren’t here to discuss my colon, we’re talking clutter.

I had a few smaller projects I wanted to do and I had time to do more than one. I could have spent that on a larger project but I don’t want to get caught in something that will take more time than I have and really one project just kind of led to another. They’re five short project that I need to get done, but they’re also “re-visits” of previous projects that I either didn’t get a chance to finish, needed a slight “refresh”, or just needed to be done.


Quick Project: Dresser Clutter

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Another quick & easy, although if it hadn’t been such a lazy day weather-wise yesterday it would have been…about the same time and effort, but done sooner. This is another area that just got really messy during my medical mishaps. I had it partly done and ready to go, but after everything that happened it got messed up again. So a little organization was in order.

(And yes, that’s a urinal. This way I didn’t have to run downstairs every time I need to…you know. It’s kind of annoying at night, especially when moving fast, or up/down stair wasn’t what you’d call easy during my recovery. It’ll stay around so in the middle of the night I don’t have to wake my dad running up and down stairs all night. I only point it out because you may have questions. I have clutter, and we’re both working on that.)


Quick Project: More Desk Organizing

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I don’t even have that monitor anymore.

Every now and then my work desk gets all cluttered up. It happens to all of us. Well, since video projects and energy-draining heat and humidity pretty much kept me from the intended review and since I worked on the top of the desk last week, I decided to fix up my computer work space this week. Simple task but it looks a lot neater, although I still have a small pile of papers to go over, organize, and throw out. I think I’ll start once I’m done writing this, but it may be a while before that’s done.

Next week I’m hoping to photograph and write a GoBot review. We’ll see what happens.

Couch Cleaning

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You can tell from this picture because it’s old, but one of the clutter piles I had were clothes on this couch piece, another clutter victim of my recent medical problems. So this week the goal was to straighten that up. I still have a few things to find a place for, but it looks a lot better.

I won’t be able to put up a report next week and possibly the week after that due to parties and the one day of ConnectiCon I’ll be able to go this year. That is unless I have a chance to do or review something, which I doubt. I know it sucks to take another hiatus so soon after coming back, so I’ll try to post something here if I can. I just want to let you know it will be a while, but there are still more small projects I can do until I’m ready to tackle the big stuff again.

Quick Project: Moving The Switch Box

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switch box 1

I had a distracting week due to things that took priority, so I only had time for one quick project. Pardon how dark the picture are, as they are in a dark corner of the studio.

I have a switch box (I’m not sure what the official term is at the moment) that allows me to go between TV, VCR (where the Atari 800 is hooked up to), NES, and CD-I depending on what I want to watch or play. During an earlier project I found the wires were so messed up (as TV wires tend to get) that I decided to move the thing to an easier to get to location, and then that got stalled. You can see it in the allegedly temporary spot so I could get to the back of the box and test things out. Then I didn’t have a chance to put it in a better spot. This week’s mini-project was to finally fix that.