Quick Report: Email & Hiatus


This week I did some more email catching up. I was hoping to finish the whole year’s worth of emails. Yes, my backlog is that bad. I only made it to April, as if to further emphasize the point. I think I want to focus my Saturdays on getting caught up on this project, but it’s kind of boring to write “I did more emails” week after week so I think I’m going to pull away from new reports until this is done, or at least until I catch up to 2019. On both my work email and my personal one, the latter of which I didn’t even get to. If I take time to do other projects, like if I get the cardboard I need to redo the art supply drawer, or some other project that needs to be done, I’ll report on it. Otherwise there won’t be new updates until the clear 2019 emails goal at least is reached.

If you’re curious what else I’m up to in the meantime, check out my other website, where I discuss the art of storytelling via various methods. Some reviews I’ve done here came from there and vice versa, and of course the book report I do comes after the Chapter By Chapter weekly reviews. Otherwise I hope to be back here soon when I have projects to report on but these inboxes aren’t going to clean themselves and I’ll be using the methods discussed in previous email-clearing articles. Stay safe and keep decluttering!

Quick Report: Virtual Clutter Cleaning Inspired By Tropical Storm?

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Tropical storm Isaias didn’t hit Connecticut directly but we did get some of the outskirts of the storm. As I write this parts of the state are still without power, but we were lucky and only lost power for a few hours. For some reason my laptop battery wasn’t charged despite being on the docking station, which yes was plugged in wise guy. I thought I had some movies on my tablet…nothing major, just some fan films I had downloaded but I didn’t. Also I hadn’t charged it since the last use and it was down to 2%. Luckily my dad’s laptop was working so we watched a DVD to help pass the time and played some games. His tablet was also charged…and has more storage space than mine.

So for this week’s project I wanted to put some of those movies on the tablet’s microSD card so if this happens again I’ll be ready. Except there wasn’t any on my computer. It was all on the backup drive, so I went there and not only downloaded a few videos to keep me occupied but reorganized some of the videos and deleted multiples I didn’t need that showed up when I altered the file system on my old computer. It was kind of like doing two projects at once. Now if I could figure out how to clean the junk out of the tablet that’s sucking up all the storage space.

Quick Report: Junk Drawer 2: Junk Harder

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This week’s project was all about reorganizing the big junk drawer. Frankly there were a whole lot of changes from the last report I did on organizing the drawer so there’s not a lot to add. A little switching things between bags, throwing out a few things I’ll probably never use or are broken…not much. It was a necessary project and I’m glad I did it. Now it will be easier to find stuff if I ever go through it. That’s really all I have to report this week.

Quick Report: Recreating My Spreadsheet

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The report is quick but it took all afternoon and I didn’t get to finish it. Mostly because I’m using my old Microsoft Works program and it’s a bit glitchy with Windows 10 apparently. At any rate when I lost the Vista computer I also lost the spreadsheets I had that I was using to keep track of stuff I’m doing for the other website. The most annoying of the lost sheets was the one for my minicomics that I review for Free Comic Inside (something crossposted here as a “Mini-Comic Report” when I review one I actually own versus one I find online). So this week’s project was to recreate it. (Up there is the old one.)

While there are a few things I need to do, like re-find some of the comics online that I don’t own but want to review for the article series (I also keep track of the ones I own or want to own), this did give me a chance to redo the layout from the bottom up. There were times the old system got confusing because without scrolling back to the top I couldn’t remember which column was to mark something reviewed and which was to mark something I own. I do plan to put that labeling into multiple parts of the sheet so I don’t have to look up, but for now it’s still short enough (possibly due to ones I’ve forgotten why my luck) that it’s not a requirement. Frankly I should have done that with the old chart. I’m not sure what other pack-in promo mini-comics I’ve forgotten but hopefully I’ll remember them soon and I was able to get most of the info I needed for the ones I know I need to review. Preferably I will own them someday because I like these little things…although now I’m wondering if mixing them into the regular comics was a mistake when it comes to finding them…but online and digital downloads are an option I can live with because they’re long out of print and in some cases the product no longer exists anyway and I don’t know if I’ll be able to collect them all. Still, I wish I hadn’t lost my old list. This was a lot of work and some of that information is currently lost to me.

I’ll have to work on the others later. There are still a few other features I really want to take time to play with but since this was an important spreadsheet I really wanted to recreate it. Now I just need the data to finish it.

Quick Report: The Walls I’ve Hit

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Well, I hit a few snags this week. I was hoping to go over my games in the XP laptop as part of that project but for some reason it’s not recognizing my gamepad, so I have to figure that mess out. I stayed up too late on Friday and slept half of Saturday away, which is when I work on my clutter projects, so I didn’t have time for that. It doesn’t help that something is up with my air mattress bed and it keeps losing air but only when I actually use it or something. I need to figure out what’s going on there. While looking for the owner’s manual I did find a good project for next week, so I’ll be delaying the last Transformer review of this box another week. I hate days like this because I don’t feel like I’m progressing in this as much as I’d like, but I only have one day within all my other projects (one of which also didn’t get done this week) so it bothers me. Hopefully I’ll be back on schedule next week.

Quick Report: Moving A Pile

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I had a lot of time-swiping events happen this week so I didn’t get to do a full project. I did however manage to do something with this pile left over from the manga and software projects as well as the most recent non-fiction book sorting project. I still need to go over that software but I’ve had this stuff in a rather inconvenient pile in the studio. A few things I actually managed to find a place for, like the video game books. Other stuff I still need to go over, mostly the manga and software. I still plan to but getting close to Christmas and having another project I want to get to after next week’s Transformers Universe review I at least made things a bit easier on myself.

There are times I wonder if once a week is enough but I tend to have a lot of different kinds of projects and a poor job managing it all.

Quick Report: Another Cleaning Day

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This week the clutter took a backseat to cleaning the bathroom. I did try to go through my email clutter but while I did managed to clear out a lot of outdated emails and read most of the remaining I didn’t even get caught up on this month. Still, it’s something and now my toilet is the proper color and the dust is gone so I’m calling this week successful.

Quick Report: Business Card Cutdown

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Tony Stark’s business card

Actually it isn’t but I forgot to take pictures. I usually do my clutter work on Saturdays but this Saturday was way too hot here in Connecticut, and the week wasn’t much better. If it gets hot in Connecticut it gets really hot in my attic living space. I did do something even if it wasn’t much. I had a stack of business cards from various conventions I went to, and I just went through them all. This required me to go to websites on the cards to see what I’d like to visit again, which I bookmarked or added to my RSS feed list, and what ones I didn’t (if they had a website, and some of the ones listed were long since down). Either way the business cards went into the recycle bin.

Now if this heat would go away I could get something done. Since I’m tired of sweating onto the keyboard, I’ll keep you updated next time.

Quick Report: Recycle, Shred, Keep

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The reason I’m not making a full-size report is two-fold. I’m writing this on Saturday and it’s my birthday, plus a lot of personal information is involved. It’s not a record organizing project but the papers I worked with do have info I don’t care to share on the internet. There are old bank statements, stuff I’ve collected from other situations, and this week I decided to go through a few of them and reorganize a drawer because I went hunting for something and couldn’t find it in the mess. Actually I couldn’t find it because I forgot what it looked like at first but shuffling through the mess said that I needed to get this done.

I set up three piles: one for papers that can just go in the recycle bin, one for papers that need to be shredded, and one for stuff I want to keep…at least initially. I have to further break down that pile, which I plan to do during the week. I’ll be continuing this process during at least this week if not more and I’ll keep you updated on my mission. When this is done hopefully there will be less papers, business cards, and other stuff around here for me to burrow through or to be found by less than reputable visitors (welcome and otherwise). This is one of those things that can get built up if you don’t take the time to do it, and when one is sick or otherwise distracted (me for the past few years on both counts) it’s time for a larger project. It’s one that has to be done. And frankly it looks better already. I just can’t show you.

Light Maintenance Project

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Not every clutter maintenance project is some big thing. With things I had to do for my other site this weekend I did some light cleaning, like finally cleaning out and packing away my humidifier for the season and going through some papers. I hope to have something more exciting to talk about next week.

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