Introducing The Clutter Reports Sell Page

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I’ve been doing this site for a while now, and it has included reviews of items to decide if I want to get rid of them or now. And yet those items I said I wanted to get rid of are still here. I was planning on selling them on eBay. I even have an account. What I don’t have is money in my PayPal account to serve as a buffer in case something happens. So I haven’t done it. With my current situation it will be impossible to ever do so. Therefore I’m cutting out the middle site.

If you look above you will see a new tab has been added: “Clutter For Sale”. It’s all the items I know I want to get rid of, broken down by type, plus a miscellaneous section for anything that doesn’t fit. So far there are categories for books, comics, toys, and video games, with only comics and toys currently having anything to offer. At least for now; as we continue there will be more there. When available there are links to reviews I’ve done here and at my other site so you can’t say I’m being dishonest about anything. If you get a comic with a bad story or a toy missing a feature I said so at the time. I don’t want to screw over anybody and hopefully nobody wants to screw me over.

Right now I can only do domestic shipping, and you’ll have to pay for the shipping. As I get more money in reserve I may be able to be more flexible. Orders can be paid through PayPal or by check (or cash if you’re really that trusting…I wouldn’t be). Contact information is on the page if something is there that you want. And if there isn’t keep looking back. As I review stuff here or at the other site things I don’t want will end up here. (Some comics are also multiples.) If you have questions let me know. Hopefully I can get rid of some of this stuff at last.

Toy Report: The Lizard (Spider-Man/Toy Biz)

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The Lizard in The Spectacular Spider-Man anima...

The Lizard in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When you think of the “Jekyll & Hyde” analog in the Marvel Universe you probably think of Bruce Banner, the incredible Hulk. But he’s not the only one. In fact I would wager Doctor Curt Connors may be closer. Attempting to create a serum that could restore his lost arm, Connors used lizard DNA, since some lizards can allegedly regrow limbs. He would soon regret not going with a starfish or something since he not only regained his lost limb but became the Lizard, a monster determined to turn the entire human race into lizard people just like him. This may be the hardest foe Spider-Man has to fight since he is friends with Connors in both identities but the Lizard shares nothing of Connors save his chemical genius.


Toy Biz released a Lizard action figure as part of the second “Spider-Man” toy line, and this is the version I have, although he’s appeared in toys before and since. This is the same company, I remind you, that gave us the failed attempts at Doctor Octopus and the Rhino we’ve seen in previous reports. They have good points but not enough to outweigh the bad ones. Will the last of our Spider-Foes make the cut or complete the trifecta of disappointment?


Toy Report: Spider-Man Classics Rhino

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Yes, I know I already did one of these fairly recently, butĀ I reviewed a Spider-Man comic on the other site this week and I decided I wanted to look at the toy it came with.for this week’s Report. That toy is the Rhino, another of Spider-Man’s lethal foes. If you’ve seen the recent Amazing Spider-Man 2 you do not have an accurate portrayal of the Rhino. This guy is the original version. So let’s see how good the toy came out.


Toy Report: Doctor Octopus (Marvel Legends?)


First, what happened last week? Surprise convention that I thought was a week later. I wasn’t ready for it. Day after the convention: Crohn’s flare-up. Been a doozy of a week. Now, on to the review.

Doc Ock 01

I wanted a Doctor Octopus action figure for my various Spider-Men to take on. He’s one of my favorite Spider-Foes. His robotic tentacles are cool and he’s a scientist, which gives Spidey a chance to use his own science knowledge that so many writers seem to forget. So of course I grabbed this. And was disappointed. If you’re a fan and wondering why he isn’t wearing shades, he actually has a pair of normal glasses…that broke off within mere seconds of breaking him out for this review. I wish this was my biggest complaint about the figure. Sadly, it is not.

(And no, comic fans, we are NOT bringing up the recent events with Spidey and Ock in the comics. Let’s not confuse everyone.)


Toy Report: Leaping Hulk

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My cleaning project this week was more comic organizing as I took three different stacks of comics and properly merged them together. So I think I’ll review a comic book character action figure. I haven’t done that in a while.

2003 was a good time for Hulk action figure collectors. In addition to the Marvel Legends comic line Ang Lee’s take on jade giant was hitting theaters and naturally toys followed. Frankly I didn’t like the face on the Legends Hulk. It was kind of scary, even for the Hulk. Instead I went with one of the movie Hulks, namely the Leaping Hulk action figure. Although as I’ll get into I kind of disabled the leaping feature.

Leaping Hulk

click for larger picture


Toy Report: Bionicle Gali Nuva

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gali 1

Hello, 2014

Over at my other site I reviewed a Bionicle comic. It…was kind of lacking. However, it did convince me to review the one Bionicle figure I own. In case you didn’t read the article I linked to, Bionicle was one LEGO’s ventures beyond the classic building blocks and into one of action figures. (You may be more aware of their spiritual successor, the “Hero Factory” line, only they’re full robots.) In this case it takes place on the island of Mata Nui, most likely not on Earth. Wikipedia claims the world was called Aqua Magna. The people of Mata Nui were bio-organic in nature and seem to have developed a culture around both the various lands and climates their tribes lived in as well as a shared culture involving wearing masks. The various tribes also shared the legend of the Toa, mighty warriors who would return to protect the island from evil.

After defeating their first threat, a new foe appeared as the toyline expanded. During the course of these events, the Toa gain new powers and become Toa Nuvi…basically the same figures but with extra armor. This is when I bought one to experiment. Having seen the stories on the now gone website, the one that most interested me was the lone female, Gali, whose element was water. Although I can’t swim I do love the water (yeah, figure that one out) and blue happens to be my favorite color. Plus maybe I wanted to support the female in the boys toyline.


Toy Report: Nickelodeon’s Donatello

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OK, so I have another Ninja Turtle toy to talk about.

Recently Nickelodeon, a subsidiary of Viacom, bought the rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Not the licensing rights, the entire franchise. This lead to a new cartoon and of course a new toyline. Rather than go with a new company, Nickelodeon stuck with long time Ninja Turtles toy makers Playmates. While I have no intention of getting the entire series or even all four Turtles, my curiosity as to whether they’ve improved since the previous toyline got the better of me (mostly because of my reviews) and I snagged me a Donatello.

Right in the package I can tell they toned down the “egghead” look the cartoon hasgiven him. (Yes, he’s a genius and “egghead” is the nickname, sometimes insulting, given to geniuses. We get it.) Otherwise, I don’t have a lot to say about the front of the package. A quick look at the back, and then it’s time to open this baby up.


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