Toy Report: Marvel Vs. Capcom Mega Man & War Machine

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Marvel V Capcom War Machine & Mega Man

It’s been too long since I’ve written a proper review for this site. And since my more needed clutter-cleaning project isn’t going to make for a good article, let’s do that.

Marvel Versus Capcom is a great fighting game series, featuring characters of Marvel Comics and the Capcom video game characters either teaming up or fighting each other depending on the players. The plot of the first game (at least under the MvC name, as smaller clashes had occurred previously),¬†Clash Of Super Heroes, is that Professor Xavier needs the help of heroes from both realities to stop his overpowered, evil alter-ego, Onslaught. In the comics, Onslaught nearly killed a group of heroes that were saved only because Reed and Sue Richards’ son, Franklin, was able to transport them to a pocket dimension he created. Very long story, folks.

I’m not very good at the game (surprising nobody) but I do have a favorite team, born not out of gameplay mechanics but personal character preference, the team of Capcom’s Mega Man and Marvel’s War Machine. So when I saw a two-pack toy, released by Toy Biz as part of a brief line, featuring both characters I had to get it. So how do these figures hold up?


Introducing The Clutter Reports Sell Page

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I’ve been doing this site for a while now, and it has included reviews of items to decide if I want to get rid of them or now. And yet those items I said I wanted to get rid of are still here. I was planning on selling them on eBay. I even have an account. What I don’t have is money in my PayPal account to serve as a buffer in case something happens. So I haven’t done it. With my current situation it will be impossible to ever do so. Therefore I’m cutting out the middle site.

If you look above you will see a new tab has been added: “Clutter For Sale”. It’s all the items I know I want to get rid of, broken down by type, plus a miscellaneous section for anything that doesn’t fit. So far there are categories for books, comics, toys, and video games, with only comics and toys currently having anything to offer. At least for now; as we continue there will be more there. When available there are links to reviews I’ve done here and at my other site so you can’t say I’m being dishonest about anything. If you get a comic with a bad story or a toy missing a feature I said so at the time. I don’t want to screw over anybody and hopefully nobody wants to screw me over.

Right now I can only do domestic shipping, and you’ll have to pay for the shipping. As I get more money in reserve I may be able to be more flexible. Orders can be paid through PayPal or by check (or cash if you’re really that trusting…I wouldn’t be). Contact information is on the page if something is there that you want. And if there isn’t keep looking back. As I review stuff here or at the other site things I don’t want will end up here. (Some comics are also multiples.) If you have questions let me know. Hopefully I can get rid of some of this stuff at last.

Book Report: Blips!

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Last week I said I’d look at my other video game joke book. Well here it is. Blips! may have Pac-Man on the cover (yes, that is Pac-Man) but this one is more about what we would today call “gaming culture”, and outside of the fact that arcades existed and people aren’t swearing at each other over the internet there’s not really that much difference. Except that adults seem to be defining gaming culture instead of kids. I mean “adult” like “college age”. I wonder if they take themselves too seriously to find this book amusing. Well, I like it anyway.


PUBLISHER: Scholastic Books (1983)

WRITER: Bob Stine

ARTIST: Bryan Hendrix


Another Corner To Fix Up

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Another messy corner. I’ve got to stop throwing junk in the corner. This particular mess is making it harder for me to get to certain videos, games, and other software. Time to reorganize again.


Making a list

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I have a lot of collections, and I thought it would be easier to go through them for a proper review if I made a list. Now the Transformers and other action figures aren’t my concern. The Transformers especially have too many to bother with, a problem also faced by my comics. The video games and movie videos, however, I want a proper listing of.

My thought is that I could keep track of what I’ve reviewed for the Video Game Clutter show and the DVD/VHS report articles. (Although the videos I’ll be going through alphabetically.) Luckily I found an old Steno Book that I had originally purchased all those years ago to keep track of high scores. Since the games didn’t keep track of the top score once the game was shut off (except for some computer games), I could track my progress.

Years later I found it during my game organizing, and it was mostly empty. The spaces were marked off, but no scores were recorded. And since there was plenty of extra pages left (most of the book), this week’s plan was to list every game I own to keep track of which ones I’ve gone through.


Video Game Clutter Report: Overview

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Since I didn’t get to go to my convention last weekend I decided to work on a particular video for this site. I started doing the occasional “video review” over at my other site because video clips I would use in articles would be taken down. The same thing happened to me in a review for this site, Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game for the PC. While I may still Video Game Reports in article form, I will also use video reviews (or “video articles” as I like to think of them) in the form of a show called Video Game Clutter.

In this first episode, which was previewed on my other site, I just went over the various gaming platforms. It’s a bit slow at parts but will give you an idea as to what’s to come in future videos.


Cleaning the NES

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NES collection

Image by freespamfree via Flickr

I lost a few pictures thanks to some technical difficulties. So you’ll have to use your imagination or memory to recall when your NES was glitching because it needed a good cleaning. You’d blow into the system or the game pak (that’s how they spelled it). I actually would break out the Game Genie even if I wasn’t going to use a code. Sometimes that worked.

Before starting this week’s project (thankfully a short one, as it’s a busy weekend for me) I actually tried that. I haven’t broken out the old system in years. I started playing Super Mario Bros. because there’s no need to review it. I plan to keep it and everybody knows that game, so it was a good one to try out. At some point in the playing it did something weird. The only control that would work was the “A” button, and that would work like the start menu. I’d be playing, jumping around and tossing fireballs, and suddenly the game would pause. That clinched it, I needed to clean the NES before reviewing any games.

You can easily find a tutorial of how to clean the games; isopropyl alcohol or a mixture containing it is usually recommended, although I’ve seen claims of Windex or similar cleaners, or a certain brand of countertop cleaner (I’m a bit skeptical about the long-term effects the latter would have on the connectors), so you may have to judge for yourself. However, when it comes to the console, the only solution I’ve seen is to open the thing up to get at the connectors. Lucky for me, I have an alternate tool for the task.


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