Clutter For Sale

All of the clutter I’ve reviewed here at The Clutter Reports marked “goes” has to, obviously, go. So if you’ve seen me review something or you came here to shop first (to see the review, either from this site or BW Media Spotlight, my other site, click on the item name) here’s where you can help clean out my unwanted stuff. Prices do not include shipping charges. Domestic orders preferred but can be talked into shipping internationally since you’re paying those charges. You can use the below form. It will go to my email, but if you’d rather go straight there, it’s

{UPDATE: I may try to use eBay again but I got nothing last time and life has distracted the daylights out of me since my last attempt, with illness and deaths and things.}



Amazing Spider-Man Spidey Sunday Spectacular: $4

Armageddon 2001 #2: $4

Battlestar Galactica (Marvel) #7: $4

Battlestar Galactica (Marvel) #11: $4

Iron Man Vs. Whiplash #1: #4

Reggie 12 Free Comic Book Day: $2

RoboCop/Stargate SG-1 (FCBD preview): $0 (just pay shipping I guess)

Shonen Jump #0: $2

Simpsons Comics #29: $3

Spirits of Vengeance #1: $4

The Transformers (Marvel) #45: $4

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon adaptation TPB: $18

Who Wants To Be A Superhero Free Comic Book Day preview: $1

untranslated manga [REVIEW of all four]

Mazinger Z #2 $25

Mazinger Z #3 $25

One Piece #13 $6

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon #11 $13

toys (loose unless indicated)


“2-Pack” Batman: comes with “Transmitter” and Bat Symbol disk launcher (does NOT include Superman figure that came with the set) $20

Zipline Batman: comes with batarangs, grappling hook with zipline, and launcher #14

Marvel/Spider-Man Legends

Doctor Octopus: all accessories, damage as reported in the review. $10

The Rhino: complete with accessories, but I’m holding on to the comic book $20

Mega NT Warrior

  • Bass.EXE (loose, with all accessories: Buster Cannon with projectile, cloak, removable shoulder pieces, and Battle Chip) $30
  • Mega Man.EXE (loose, with all accessories: Mega Buster and projectile, Sword, and Battle Chip) $25
  • ProtoMan.EXE (loose, with all accessories: twin swords and Battle Chip) $25

Ronin Warriors: Cye

with all armor and staff pieces, some minor wear on the moving pieces from tree removal $13




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