Organizing My Manuals

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This week I started on an easy project to work my way back after all the medical issues…or at least I thought that was what would happen. The goal was to collect all my different instruction manuals from various equipment and organize them into one convenient location. They would be arranged so I could find the one I wanted easier. I kind of had that but they were all over the place between my bedroom and the studio. Therein was the problem. After searching every possibly place an electronic manual would be I was reminding that my body had recovered from all the nonsense but my stamina, which was already an issue before the hernia removal, still required building back up. I had to take a nap and it turned out only three locations had the manuals I was looking for. Figures.

I have a lot of stuff scattered in different locations for different reasons. I think I may focus on that for a while instead of the visual clutter, and maybe some of the latter will work itself out as a by-product. This week though this was what I accomplished.


Reorganizing The Bumblebee Shelf

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My latest addition and the review I did last week highlighted a problem with the infamous Bumblebee Shelf beyond not having the paint I want to redecorate it. I’m running out of space for it and it’s not a very exciting display. They’re just standing there like their having their driver’s license photo taken and I’m not sure you need a driver’s license when you are the car. This week, as I have the okay to start doing more I wanted to dust off and reorganize my Bumblebees to make room and to have a little bit of life to it…at least the ones with any decent form of articulation.

And yes, Scooter of the GoBots is there as well. I didn’t have anywhere else to put him as he kept falling over on my computer desk and I like to pretend Scooter and Bumblebee are best buddies. In this space the Autobots and Guardians get along.

So take a trip with me through the Bumblebees, including the ones I haven’t reviewed on this site before.


Transformers Report: Buzzworthy Bumblebee Origin

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In the first episode of the original Transformers cartoon, we get to see Cybertron, including some of the Transformers in Cybertronian mode. However, not all of them were so rather than design new robot modes that looked like they turned into Cybertronian rather than Earth vehicles (not that the show’s designs really matched the toys that well in the first place) they just used the same old robot character models. This includes Bumblebee above. Dreamwave comics and a fan convention toy did attempt to give Bumblebee a design based on his Cybertronian mode, but no toy tried to make his Cybertronian vehicle turn into his Earth robot design. Until now.

Target stores in the US have released an exclusive line called Buzzworthy Bumblebee, a set of new and remolded/redecoed toys based on the greatest Autobot of them all! Granted, longtime readers know I’m so heavily biased that I have a shelf dedicated to Bumblebee, so your mileage may vary. With still no income and recent purchase needs draining my stimulus checks (at least they came at the right time for me…just wish I could replace some of those funds (he said while pointing to the Clutter For Sale section)) I’m not making an effort to get as much from that collection as I would like, but with all the medical issues this year, including the surgery and later kidney stone that caused the latest hiatus, I think I earned both a pity Transformer and finally getting to see Transformers: The Movie on the big screen after 35 years. So both have occurred. The movie I’ve seen so many times that it was more a bucket list since some of the excitement is gone. Still enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, one of the original molds for Buzzworthy Bumblebee is an attempt to reconcile his cartoon model’s robot and Cybertronian vehicle modes. It’s not perfect and I’d be surprised if it would have come out clean, but it’s still not a bad job.


New Medical Update

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I know, wrong kind of “doctor”.

Anyway I thought you might like to know how I’m coming along, especially those who subscribe via WordPress or email. The surgery went well and the hernias are gone, which I think I mentioned in the last update. Then I developed a kidney stone in a really bad location. My urologist opted to go in and remove it manually rather than hope it will go away on its own. I have another stone up there but it isn’t putting me into pain and in six months it’ll be reviewed to see if we can actually zap that sucker out rather than another surgery. Frankly I’m sick of being put out. I’m sick of being tired and tired of being sick.

Next week I do plan a Transformer toy review since that was easy to put together…in theory. I have the pictures done but altogether this has taken a few weeks for me to be up for this. It’s a new one because I think I earned a new Transformer and this is frankly a needed addition to the Bumblebee Shelf. As far as major cleaning, I was able to clean the toilet and dust off a fan plus clean the filter in my air conditioner. That’s not bad considering the year I’ve had. The heavy projects are probably going to take a while longer, but there are some smaller project I can hopefully get started on soon.

So that’s what’s happening to your Clutter Reporter. Toy review hopefully next week and then at some point more clutter-clearing projects and reviews. Just checking in so you know I haven’t checked out.

Medical Update V-Log

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Clutter Report Medical Update

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How’s it going, folks?

So I had my operation. I though they were going to remove a hernia and they’d send me home. They stopped counting at seven and I had to stay overnight. I’ve been busy recovering and I have more to do. I won’t be updating the site for the next week or two, My weightlifting limit is reduced more than usual. Still have quite a bit of gas left too.

I’m not sure what projects I’ll be starting up with. No heavy lifting for at least a month’s time but I want to start slow. I can only hope what I report on is worth reading and helps you through your own clutter projects. I guess you could say I was dealing with internal clutter this week.

Stay amazing, folks. I’ll be back as soon as possible.

Prepping For My Hernia Surgery

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Well, it’s almost time for the hernia surgery. It happens this week and I don’t know how long the hospital stay will be. History tells me days, SOME sites tell me it’s minimally invasive outpatient surgery, but everyone agrees I won’t be doing any real lifting for at least two weeks. Not knowing how long I have…which sounds more cryptic than I intend because the chances of something happening to me are I believe even lower than the surgeries I had in 2016…the focus of this weekend and the days leading up are for getting ready for that.

There are small clean-ups I need to do like getting the vaporizer cleaned out and put away for the year, some straightening up, getting things together in case there is a hospital stay (I’ll find out when they call in the next day or so to finally schedule me, making me think it will at least be a brief period and not a lot of pre-operation prep), and any heavy-ish lifting (I do still have a hernia and can’t bend at that location–it seems like a bad idea to burst myself before the operation to solve the problem) I need to do because it will be weeks before I can do much of anything.

To that end I may not be posting anything for the next few weeks or if I do it will be someone else’s video of clutter maintenance and an update on my condition. Unless I do a book report or something it may be too difficult to set up the photo stage and do reviews, and actual projects are definitely not happening until the doctor clears me. Once that’s dealt with though I’m hoping to do some of the stuff this year has denied me so far with other illnesses. Stay healthy and if you can straighten up your own mess, now’s the time to update me on your progress.

Just A Quick Update

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Well, the projects I wanted to do this week was put on hold for two reasons. One was put away the vaporizer since it was getting warmer out. I don’t use the warm air vaporizer with the air conditioner because they kind of cancel each other out The other was to clean up the couch a bit. Well, this weekend the temperature dropped to the 50s and I had to clean the toilet since I don’t know when I’ll be able to after my hernia surgery and it really needed it. So that’s what I did this week.

I do want to get some reviews put together but what I may end up doing is more video filler from other people on their de-cluttering projects and tips, just to have something here until I’ve healed enough to get back to my own projects. So far nothing I’ve planned this year has really come to pass given how sick I’ve been and now this, and it’s really getting on my nerves. I feel like I’m constantly held back and saying “well, we’ll try again next year” is becoming less of an option. I never really felt my age (currently 47) until the colon surgery in 2016 and the follow-up events and now I’m worried I’ll never achieve anything unless I can rise above all these distractions, including finally getting this mess all organized. I know this isn’t what you come for but I just felt the urge to vent because the clutter of my life itself is getting worse than the clutter in my room. Too bad I’m a stubborn ox.

No Report This Week

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I didn’t get to do any organizing or reviewing this week unless you count trying to get my YouTube backlog cut down. I did try to do some damage to the email backlog but ultimately I focused on getting my comic done. While my next surgery is coming up in a few weeks I really want to focus on getting my work schedule organized so I can get some projects done. The past few months have had crazy weeks where things have gone up late or I had to do some filler thing just to have a post on the other site. I want to be more creative and that was a goal I set for myself this year, but between being sick on and off in February and March, wasting time in April not finding out why, and now this hernia thing plus the vaccinations I haven’t developed the proper work style I want.

I’m hoping to get into one this week and keep it going until the surgery. I can schedule some posts for at least some of the time I’ll be unable to work on stuff but I don’t know how long I’ll be waylaid. The surgeon couldn’t even give me a ballpark estimate of how long someone is usually in the hospital recovering (the internet says a few days but I do typically take longer to heal) and then there’s recovering at home, which will take longer. Even sitting down I can get tired, which is why I missed so many posts in February and March, but if I have a starting point to work from, then when I’m recovered enough I have a flow to get back into that works. I’m hoping this week won’t have any distractions so I can finally at least make an effort to what I’m hoping to be doing.

Hopefully I’ll have a review or something next week, or at least can report I’ve got my backlogs to a more manageable level. Wish me luck and stuff!

Digital Backlog Scramble Before Sick Leave

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I know, it’s a long title but it goes into everything that’s going to be said. In early June I’ll have to do something I was hoping not to do for a long time: go into the hospital for surgery again. This time it’s to deal with a hernia near the area I had the last surgical work done. That means I won’t be posting here for however long it takes to heal up so I can do clutter clearing except to keep you updated on healing so you know when I’ll be de-cluttering again.

Since I’m worried about yet another backlog of emails, DVR, and YouTube I want to take the few weeks I have before then to focus on getting that done. It’s horrendous enough as it is. I’ll try to do some more reviews before its time so there’s something worth reading but that’s what I’ll be doing until I go in and when I get out. Maybe I’ll be able to go on my tablet in the hospital and give me something to do when I get home to recover but I want this pile dealt with as much as possible. I’ll keep you informed, but this is just another example of how this year has been using my physical shell to keep me from getting any of my goals for 2021 met, especially my projects. It’s getting on my nerves, but hopefully this still won’t be as bad as 2016 was.

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