Organizing My Workspace

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This is another of those projects I keep coming back to, trying to find the optimal arrangement for maximum efficiency. Which makes me sound more businesslike than I am. This time I pulled everything out of every drawer, cabinet, and cubby hole on my computer desk and found better places for everything from square one. While a couple of things went back to when I had them anyway, I did alter the arrangement there and everywhere else. So the end result was worth it.



Free Comic Book Day

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photo of Mark Marderosian at Free Comic Book D...

photo of Mark Marderosian at Free Comic Book Day, That’s Entertainment, Worcester MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t do any clutter cleaning this week because Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. You can read about what I picked up over at my other website. I was going to do an article introducing my next project, but after starting that article later than I had planned I didn’t have time and I didn’t get to do anything during the week due to other things going on. It won’t be as big as one of the comic organizing project phases, but it will be at least two days of trying to figure out where to put stuff. So instead of a preview hopefully you’ll simply see the results. I just need to actually work on it next week because I have the whole week to do it.

E-Mail Reading And DVR Watching

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English: email envelope

English: email envelope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I was able to do two projects at once…and not get as far as I’d like at either. I wanted to fix some issues with my computer caused by some bad Windows updates but I didn’t know what to delete so I don’t know what to do there. So after stewing over that longer than I should have I started going through my emails. I have two email boxes with emails going back to 2012 and possibly sooner, and there’s just a huge build-up. And I have a number of shows and movies on my DVR and I wanted to get through some of them. So how does one do both?


Quick Project: Taking Down The Warehouse

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Another week with friends coming over, but more importantly where I had this Block City made “set” was blocking the air conditioner, and yesterday it just got too hot in my attic. So all I had a chance to do is take down the backdrop, which I want to rethink anyway. I’m hoping to do another big project, and I do have a few I need to revisit and some left on that board. You know…

I still need to clean out my emails, organize my computer files, and do something with the larger graphic novels, collected comics, magazines, and whatever else. Hopefully I can tackle one of these next week. Besides, I haven’t had a decent article for this site in a few weeks and you readers deserve something worth being subscribed to and I started this project for a reason. While I’m still in a better state than I was when I started this project there’s still more to go.

Quick Project: Organizing Some On-Line Lists

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English: A Twitter tweet

English: A Twitter tweet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I have a friend coming over so I didn’t have time for a big project. However, I did have time for a couple small ones. First I went to Twitter. I have two Twitter accounts. (Long story.) I decided to keep one for websites and other project promotion and one to discuss personal pursuits and interests (writing and comics stuff mostly). The problem is I was following most of the same accounts on both feeds and that meant my newsfeed was way too long to keep up with. So I adjusted things. The website account follows news and reviews plus blogs and some friends I’ve made solely through BW Media Spotlight while the other site follows local feeds, news, and comic creation, plus some of my friends. There is still a little overlap but otherwise they should be easier to keep up with.

The other was my Amazon wishlist. It’s grown pretty large with media, audio and video equipment, other things that interest me, and at some point I want to add art supplies. So I reorganized the list into smaller lists to keep track of what I want and need as I continue to make room up here and work on projects. Things are a bit more streamlined now and I might need less once I pick some of this stuff up…as soon as I have room to put it and money to afford it anyway. Not a lot of clutter work today but it needed to be done. Now I’m just waiting for my friend to show up. Hopefully a larger project to report on next week.

No report this week

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English: A keyboard with clutter on it to illu...

English: A keyboard with clutter on it to illustrate the term clutter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Between too many personal life events to deal with this week, friends visiting next week (which means I have to dust and do non-clutter cleaning), and somehow keeping up on other projects this week (which have all been late), and some online drama I’ve been following due to whom I am a fan of I’m afraid I didn’t get to do any clutter maintenance this week. I’m hoping to do some virtual clutter maintenance next week as well as other projects. This was just a very full week where my schedule was all cluttered. I hate when that happens and it’s been happening too often. Hopefully I’ll have a report next week.

Photo Studio 2.0

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Remember that little lightbox photo studio thing I made a few years ago? It’s just cardboard and tissue paper with a posterboard insert, but it does the job nicely. On small items at least. When it came to my recent Transformers reviews this wasn’t all that sufficient. Masterpiece Optimus is too big for the box and he’s not even my tallest Transformer. There are other items that don’t work well there either to come I’m sure. I also don’t think I have enough lighting right now to pull it off and I usually have to lighten the photos in my photo editor. I need something else to help me out.

Needing projects for the winter my dad decided to build me a larger photo studio for the toys and whatever comes later, but I was worried I’d still have the same problem. Some of the video-based toy reviewers I follow on YouTube like TJ Omega, Pixel Dan, and Vangelus use more of a stage approach. While TJ and Vangelus use a “chain base” backdrop (which led to my testing the Block City “warehouse” in the recent Alternator reviews) Dan uses a simple stage. Since my toy reviews are in article form (for time mostly) I don’t need anything that elaborate. It just has to be visually interesting in the articles. So we went a very simple stage, and with the limited space I have to set such a thing up he made it portable.

The case you see below my cardboard lightbox is an old toolcase. I don’t know what he did with the tools–possibly putting them in a toolbox or something–and what he planned to use the case for fell through, so that was the base he decided to use. And that’s one thing you’ve seen before here at The Clutter Reports, re-purposing old items for new uses. And this may work out for me.


Quick Project: Reorganizing My Drawers (Again)

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I’ve already done this as part of a previous project so this is more of a re-project. However, my underwear and sock drawer somehow became a mess. I finally realized it when I went looking for a handkerchief (I keep one to clean my glasses or if I need to blow my nose and have no place to dispose of a tissue) and I couldn’t find it. I’ve also had trouble getting my slipper socks out. So this week I pulled everything out and reorganized it so I could find everything.

No, I don’t have pictures. I’m not posting my underwear on the internet.

And it didn’t stop there as I fixed up two other drawers, the one with my shirts and the one with my shorts. Now I can find those clothes as well. The other dresser drawers are fine so I didn’t have to do anything with them. It’s not one of the remaining big projects but it needed to be done.

Transformers Report: Alternators Wheeljack

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Wheeljack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time for the third and last of the Alternators. Wheeljack is the Autobots’ inventor. And he’s good at his job if the machine doesn’t blow up or something. Basically he’s a mad scientist for the forces of good. His original vehicle mode in the G1 days was based on the Lancia Stratos Turbo‘s “Group 5 Statos” race car. No, I don’t know what that means outside of knowing what a race car is.

It won’t be obvious why until the very end of the review but this was the last Alternator I ever picked up. This was the figure where I decided that this line just wasn’t making me happy, which is odd considering this is not the one I’ll be taking out of my collection. That part will be immediately obvious.


Mini-Comic Report: Transformers Armada vol. 4

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I know I was going to review my last Alternator this week but I haven’t had a chance to go over it. Next week is going to be hectic but I’m going to try and get it done then. In the meantime I’m crossposting the next Armada minicomic from my other website that hasn’t been posted here yet.

Previously we’ve looked at the first three Transformers Armada minicomics Dreamwave produced for Hasbro, but there’s one more to go. So it’s time to finish this series. Dreamwave also produced minicomics for Energon so we aren’t done yet but we’ll put this series to bed.

At this point the toyline introduced the subline “The Unicron Battles”. This featured the first ever Unicron toy, long desired by those who grew up with the original toyline and Transformers: The Movie. While the toy had been planned twice in the past, once when the movie came out and once by Takara for the Japanese-exclusive line Beast Wars Neo, neither were ever produced. Finally for this line we got our Unicron and it was worth the wait seeing as the other two designs didn’t really capture the essence of the big villain Simon Furman re-imagined into a god of chaos nearly as well. (When it comes to Unicron I’m actually neutral as to which origin is better, cartoon or comic, but I still prefer the Quintesson origin over Primus.)

It was decided to make Unicron the big threat of the subline and tie the version of him in this continuity to the Mini-Cons, and so the “Unicron Battles” began. And this was the comic that introduced the idea to toy buyers who didn’t see the show or read the regular Dreamwave comics. So how does it do? The first two comics were not that great since they had to force three translations of the same dialog into the panel. The third issue was better for only needing one language but still not that great, so what does this series end on?

“Hey Galactus, the rest of us want to see, too. Wanna move to the back seats?”

Transformers Armada volume 4

CREATED BY: Dreamwave for Hasbro


WRITER: Chris Sarracini

PENCILER: James Riaz

COLORISTS: Felipe Smith & David Cheung

Only TWO colorists, Dreamwave? Are you finally realizing you don’t need five colorists on one book, especially a minicomic? Since none of the Energon minicomics have credits we’ll never know.

LETTERING: Dreamer Design



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