Organizing The Cables

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Some time ago I went and organized the drawer I keep various cords and other things for my computer or TV/VCR setups. (Twice as you can see from the links.) Over time it got a bit disorganized (as things do), but it was because I was trying to find something specific and had to dig around to find it. This week I decided to try to get it back in shape. Plus I wanted to get rid of that box you see in the corner since it’s hard to go through as well. Baggies were the answer to my problem. (It’s usually baggies or cardboard with me, isn’t it?)



Comic Report: Batman Chronicles–The Gauntlet

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I got back the laptop I use for the art corner but I haven’t had time to work on my comic or do some other stuff I wanted to set up on the old thing. That was my project this week, but probably not very interesting to you guys. So here’s another recent “Scanning My Collection” article from the other site so you have something worth reading. And in light of the recent Titans streaming series on DC’s new streaming service even more appropriate now than when I first posted it.¬†Enjoy.


The art of the sidekick is dead or dying. Merriam-Webster defines the sidekick as “a person closely associated with another as a subordinate or partner“. Often mistaken for just being comic relief the sidekick is learning from the hero or is there to provide back-up for the hero. In the world of superheroes, sidekicks are…or were…receiving training from the hero but not yet good enough to go completely on their own. From Robin the Boy Wonder to Kid Flash to Bucky Barnes, the sidekicks can graduate to take over a mantle or become their own hero, but they start out aiding their mentors.

Nowadays that doesn’t happen. The Robin of today is already highly trained by assassins and an equal to Batman despite his young age. If he’s learning anything, Damien has to respect others, including and especially his teammates. But as Tim Drake noted, Robin also served another purpose. He keeps Batman from going too far over the edge, from falling into the proverbial abyss. Meanwhile, Batman chose the first Robin before the memory of his parents’ murder ruined Dick Grayson the way it did Bruce Wayne. We all know how Batman trained Dick Grayson to become the first Robin, but do you know the story of his final exam?

Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet isn’t some huge, Earth-shatteringly epic story. It’s a one-shot story in a short graphic novel. It’s the story of Robin’s “final exam”, the last step in proving he’s ready to become Batman’s partner. It’s one of my favorite Robin stories. So why does it stand out for me?

“Shadow puppets? Really, Bruce?”

Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet

DC Comics (1997)

WRITERS/ARTIST: Bruce Canwell & Lee Weeks

COLORS/SEPARATIONS: Matt Hollingsworth

LETTERER: Albert DeGuzman

EDITOR: Darren J. Vincenzo


Quick Report: Updating My Media Library

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One problem I’ve had with doing article is finding the right image from my media library. I don’t always have to upload a new image every time, when the old images I have can work to showcase what a project was, especially a quick project like this one. However, there are a number of times when I enter something to search my media library and even though I’m sure I have it I can’t find it. When I just need an old picture to make a point it’s not to be found, although sometimes I can dig into my library and find it. Nowadays I’m pretty good at naming photos for tracking down later but in the old days especially I didn’t really think about it. So this week I went through my old pictures in my media library and updated the descriptions and in a few cases the title for better exploring. This may also solve the problem of the same handful of images coming up for a topic when I know I have more. This is something I was going to while taking time off from my other site (which also needs this project done, but more so because there are more images) but then my computer went down the same time as the laptop I use for my art corner which could in a pinch act as a back-up for making content. So I had nothing to work with. Now the images here at The Clutter Reports should be easier to find. I know this doesn’t affect you much but it will make things easier for me, which is the whole point of this project.

Back Online

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I have my main computer back and running thanks to my friend, so I can write articles and edit pictures again. I was hoping to have a project¬†today to celebrate but I had some software issues I had to wrangle first. That’s done so next week the virtual cleaning can resume.

The problem is most of the stuff I wanted to do during my downtime didn’t get done because the computer wasn’t available to do it. I can’t take more time off so sucks to be me I guess. I’m still going to have to find a way to do that and keep up content. So this whole break I took from the other site was entirely pointless! No, I’m not happy about it. But at least I can get back to work (and finding work that actually pays me so I have money coming in again) so I’ll take the victories I can.

So I guess we’re back in action, unless something else goes wrong and there’s certainly precedence for that.

Computers Offline

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Well here’s a snag I wasn’t expecting to hit during my virtual clutter projects. My desktop won’t turn on and my laptop either needs a new hard drive or is having trouble connecting to the one I have. I have a friend who can help me with these problems and he is currently working on the main computer. The laptop I use in the art corner can wait a bit. This means I’m using my dad’s computer to write this article.

I’m going to try to get to my other clutter, but I may not be able to write articles on it until at least one of my computers (hopefully both, since the laptop is part of my art corner) is active again since I can’t use my dad’s computer at any time. He lets me use it when he isn’t using it but I need my set-up back in action. I’ll keep you as informed as I can.

Quick Report: Back-Up Clean-Up

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I took the week off to get a few things done, although I think I rested more than I actually worked. Next week is going to be really loaded, so I’ll be taking that week away as well. But since I already missed a week in clutter maintenance I opted to fit the project in this week. It was all about clearing space on my back-up hard drive, and I did most of that this week. I went through and deleted files I no longer need, and made sure it was all organized in the same folders I use currently in my computer. There are things on the back-up drive that I don’t have on the main computer for whatever reason but I still wanted it and thus it stayed. And I also added stuff to the back-up drive that I still want but hadn’t put up there yet.

I’m not quite done though. My video files are a mess and I have to compare them not only with my computer but my project drive for video work. I need to see what I have and what I don’t and make the proper adjustments. I don’t know if I’ll get to it next week because there’s so much going on so don’t be surprised if there’s no post next week, but I’m going to try because this bit of virtual clutter clearing is not the last of it. I also have more physical clutter to go through but this needs to get done if I’m going to get projects done and save my computer data if something happens to my machine. I’ll keep you posted, and we will get to the larger physical projects and reviews in due time.

No Report This Week

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Due to a family gathering I didn’t have time this Saturday to continue my back-up drive project. However, I’m hopeful I’ll have a report for you next week. Family comes first, and I spend too much time in this house as it is.

Quick Report: Prepping The Back-Up Drive

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If you’re smart you have a back-up drive for your computer. That way if you lose anything you can reclaim it. Of course it only works if you actually back stuff up. Some people actually use an off-line storage solution, referred to as the “cloud”. Whichever way you do it there comes a point when you need to go to the back-up drive and delete a few things you don’t want anymore. You have to be careful of course because if you lose something on that you’re kind of in trouble.

This is my next virtual clutter project. In addition to files I don’t need anymore (and I did manage to cut some of those out) you have back-ups based on older file layouts on my computer and newer ones, leading to a few multiple files. I was going to start that this week as well but a surprise family event I ended up not making anyway means I’m going to have to wait on that. By the time I’m done I should have all my back-ups organized so I have room to back-up my current files. Then if I lose something on the computer I know where to find it. So we’ll have to continue that next week, but at least I got a start on it.

I Collect Some Odd Stuff

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If you’ve read enough of this site you know I’m a toy collector, or was when I had money coming in. I never saved the boxes but when there were bio cards on the back (for many of you former kids out there think GI Joe or Transformers) I did save the backs. Or if that’s where the instructions were I’d save that. This doesn’t seem like as good an idea as before. Now they’re just taking up space. In fact here’s the box they’re taking up, along with collected trades of Transformers comic stories from the UK and a couple of UK Transformers comic magazines I’ve managed to acquire. While looking through this box out of boredom I came across a few things that made want to dig through. I’ll get to what later. Let’s just look at the pile.


Little to report this week

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I wish I had something to report this week. I did do a bit more with the emails and the next few declutter projects will be virtual clutter cleaning as I have some organizational issues to work out with computer stuff. But it seems I spent most of this summer trying to get myself to work. Whether it was the heat and humdity, dentist (namely a dental group that frankly I’m not too happy with and am now seeking alternatives), or other things (even dealing with my uncle passing away) pulling me out of the studio and cleaning area I feel like I haven’t accomplished much on any of my projects. I think I got one video project done, with another half-finished and yet another I have to do for a different uncle. Maybe I just needed a day to goof off and start over.

It’s August now and while Summer isn’t over hopefully it won’t be too bad. This week I have no dentist or doctor appointments, no shopping, nowhere to go, and hopefully the weather will cooperate. If I can finally start to get myself into a working rhythm (including finding a paid job of some kind or adding to the “clutter for sale” page) maybe I can start accomplishing stuff. I will be working on computer clutter for a while but while it may not take much physical effort it does take time and that seems to be what I’m fighting to get lately. Hope to have something good next week.

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