Touring My Art Corner

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One of the reasons I’ve been doing this clutter organizing project is to make my creative spaces easier to create in. An unused bedroom turned TV room is now my in-progress multimedia studio. One corner is where I’ve been putting together an art corner, where I can draw my comics for my other website, BW Media Spotlight, and a few other projects I hope to complete. Or at least start so I know I tried. So I’ve been working on this on and off, trying to find a comfortable layout from which to draw. With the recent addition of a graphics tablet I’ve also been trying to make this arrangement work digitally so I’m not always drawing from the computer on the other side of my intended dedicated drawing corner.

Now that I finally have an arrangement I’m happy with I thought I would take some time to show off the results of this project. While there will still be more tweaking the “BW art corner” is pretty much ready for business and I thought you might want to check it out. It also features the culmination of many projects I’ve written about in the past, so you can see how they have aided in this project as well as updates on the updating of those projects. Hope someone out there finds this interesting.



Quick Project: Yet More E-Mail Clearing

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It happened again. Surprise events pulling me out of the house and one I actually did schedule in advance and plan for, took time away from other projects. Luckily the virtual clutter cleaning is important too, just like the physical cleaning. That big mound of unread emails feels ready to collapse on you every time you go to your email browser or site of choice. And this is only one of a few email accounts I have to go through, although others are mostly open because I have to read that backlog or I don’t currently remember how to get into them. So I made a dent in that project. Not a big enough dent for my liking but at least I accomplished something off of the board. I should update that picture with what I have left.

Transforming Toy Report: Quick Change Toolbot

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Here’s another one in my early obsession with combiner teams from the knockoff series Quick Change Robot Fighter. This time it’s the Toolbot set, a series of tools that turn into robots and combine into a larger robot. I’ve seen these packed in sets like this. one just on a flimsy card, and individually. I’m pretty sure mine came in a package like the one above because I don’t remember seeing them on the card. This is also one I reviewed back in the days but since I plan to basically plagiarize from myself (at least I’m honest about it and it’s from my own previous review) due to time (six robots that in the original review I grouped based on sharing transformations and similar alternate modes) and the fact that my opinions are pretty much the same, all you’re getting here is updated information, photos, hopefully less typos, and me not going on about a sneaker hunt or discussing sets I have yet to review for The Clutter Reports.

A few things I want to note before heading into this. If you have a habit of losing accessories, or your pets/kids eat them all, avoid this set, or at least this version, as the carded one I saw during research seems to lack individual weapons. This thing has more bits and pieces, including two I can’t see even being usable, than some entire lines in my collection, and that’s counting missiles separate from launchers! These guys are part re-configures and part reassemble. Thrown into the mix are swords, one for each one, and only a couple of them are obviously meant for a certain tool bot. Also, I’ll be reviewing these guys in teams, not just to save time, but because each limb transforms exactly the same ways. The two bodies, plus the two arms and two legs have their own style. Finally, because Quick Change didn’t come up with their bad renames, like the Animal Robot set, it’s up to me to give them something to put on their driver’s licenses.


Quick Report: More Email Clearing

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I had another toy review but I couldn’t get upstairs enough last week to do the photo work. But I wanted to do something this week, so I went back into my email backlog and deleted a bunch of emails whose links didn’t work anymore or didn’t have anything of interest to me today. I got a pretty huge chunk out. This time I had them listed by sender and deleted anything outdated or from junk email. Unfortunately I still have a major lot of emails to go through before I’m done. Still, a victory is a victory. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to do my photo shoot and do a proper review. It’s another knockoff combiner team from Quick Change.

Toy Report: Quick Change Animal Robot


I said last week I’d be reviewing this set this week and now it’s time. Quick Change (sometimes adding “changeable robot” or “transforming system” to the name) is a line of knockoffs of transforming robot toys from numerous lines and creators. There really isn’t a unifying theme because of how many toy lines they rip off. Some come from Transformers, some from Machine Robo (the line where the GoBots originally came from), some from Sentai/Power Rangers shows, and others I can’t even identify. I heard somewhere that this set I’m about to review came from the Brave franchise in Japan with the arm robot replaced but I haven’t confirmed that.

In addition to individual robots you can also find sets, both combining robot groups like the Animal Robot series I’ll be reviewing today and non-combining robots. You usually find them in pharmacy toy sections or closeout stores. I picked this one up from a store called Big Lots. I enjoy a good Combiner team but is this one? One thing I’ll note now that the names are terrible, and I came up my own renames of the figures the last time I reviewed them, for the newsgroup I’ll also be combining the robot and animal mode pictures to speed this up and to get a little artistic with them just for fun and practice. And so on with the review!


Cluttered Schedule Week

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Sorry, folks but while I was able to get the photos ready to do another review this week I didn’t have time to write it. And it’s going to be a big one since I’m reviewing four robots and their combined form. Above is the teaser to next week’s review. I want to do it right, and not rush it through. It’s just that I have places to go for half the week and didn’t have time to write a good article. You’ll get it next week though.

I was hoping not to miss another week but I’m up against time. Hopefully it will be worth it.

Organizing My Workspace

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This is another of those projects I keep coming back to, trying to find the optimal arrangement for maximum efficiency. Which makes me sound more businesslike than I am. This time I pulled everything out of every drawer, cabinet, and cubby hole on my computer desk and found better places for everything from square one. While a couple of things went back to when I had them anyway, I did alter the arrangement there and everywhere else. So the end result was worth it.


Free Comic Book Day

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photo of Mark Marderosian at Free Comic Book D...

photo of Mark Marderosian at Free Comic Book Day, That’s Entertainment, Worcester MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I didn’t do any clutter cleaning this week because Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. You can read about what I picked up over at my other website. I was going to do an article introducing my next project, but after starting that article later than I had planned I didn’t have time and I didn’t get to do anything during the week due to other things going on. It won’t be as big as one of the comic organizing project phases, but it will be at least two days of trying to figure out where to put stuff. So instead of a preview hopefully you’ll simply see the results. I just need to actually work on it next week because I have the whole week to do it.

E-Mail Reading And DVR Watching

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English: email envelope

English: email envelope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I was able to do two projects at once…and not get as far as I’d like at either. I wanted to fix some issues with my computer caused by some bad Windows updates but I didn’t know what to delete so I don’t know what to do there. So after stewing over that longer than I should have I started going through my emails. I have two email boxes with emails going back to 2012 and possibly sooner, and there’s just a huge build-up. And I have a number of shows and movies on my DVR and I wanted to get through some of them. So how does one do both?


Quick Project: Taking Down The Warehouse

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Another week with friends coming over, but more importantly where I had this Block City made “set” was blocking the air conditioner, and yesterday it just got too hot in my attic. So all I had a chance to do is take down the backdrop, which I want to rethink anyway. I’m hoping to do another big project, and I do have a few I need to revisit and some left on that board. You know…

I still need to clean out my emails, organize my computer files, and do something with the larger graphic novels, collected comics, magazines, and whatever else. Hopefully I can tackle one of these next week. Besides, I haven’t had a decent article for this site in a few weeks and you readers deserve something worth being subscribed to and I started this project for a reason. While I’m still in a better state than I was when I started this project there’s still more to go.

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