Time and other things not being my friend this week, here’s another crosspost from my other site.

I’m not even joking about that title. “American Honda”, which I can only assume means the Honda car makers, put out a PSA comic where Supergirl tries to get a guy to wear his seat belt. Sound lame? What if I told you she does so by entering his dreams and trying to convince him to wear it so he can come out of the coma caused not by the car accident he was in but grief that he might have killed his sister, whom he will watch die again and again while Superman sits in the fortress watching his cousin risk her life? Interested now? Then come with to see how the Girl of Steel does Inception before doing Inception was cool. Then again, I’ve not seen Inception, so that’s totally guesswork on my part.

The cover long fell off of mine. This came from the Grand Comics Database.


DC Comics/American Honda/US Dept. of Transportation (1984)

WRITERS: Joe Orlando, Barry Marx, Robert Loren Fleming
DIALOGUE: Andy Helfer
(Yeah, that’s a lot of writers. And one of them is the editor. This may not end well.)
ARTIST: Angelo Torres
LETTERER: John Costanza
COLORIST: Joe Orlando
EDITOR: Barry Marx (told you)
SPECIAL CONSULTANTS: Tom Harrington & Rick Smith
ADVISER: Steve Jacobs