Definitely not my car.

This week’s project is one I thought I would be doing last week, but I got my date wrong for a family gathering. This week I thought I was also racing against the rain but that didn’t happen. It was warm this week but not too bad. Still, I exhausted myself with this project. My car hasn’t been cleaned in years. Between unemployment and medical issues it hasn’t been a priority. This week I had the opening to make it happen so I washed down the car, vacuumed it out good with my dad’s shop vac, and then turned to the part of the project you care about, organizing the stuff inside.

I’ve never really had what you’d call a messy car. I only rarely travel with others, never let wrappers and stuff in my car, or any of that usual clutter one finds in your typical automobile mess. However I do keep stuff in it for convenience and safety, so this week the job was to see what I actually needed and better sort it through the various places to put stuff in a car and got rid of stuff I didn’t need. There wasn’t a lot of the latter since like I said I don’t keep a lot of junk in my car and I do have one of those garbage bags that hangs off the headrest of the front seat. The stuff I did have required a lot of resorting to better organize and maximize stuff. Combine this with the car washing and vacuuming and I was pretty beat by the end, but it was worth it!