Christmas Decorating Vs. Clutter

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This is usually when I post this year’s Christmas decoration set-up before taking a Christmas break. As I write this the article is late by closing on five hours and the decorating isn’t done. I haven’t even taken any pictures because I’m just exhausted…and I wish that was the only issue.

When I do get it decorated, possibly some time tomorrow, you’ll see what I’ve arranged. As it turns out it won’t be as nice as previous years. The problem is that with all the sick time this year and this weird situation I’ve mentioned before where clearing one area led to clutter in another area has actually led to me losing access to one corner of my studio even though I’ve managed to open room in my bedroom. This is all my personal clutter as the house itself has gotten better, meaning my dad, who isn’t doing a regular weekly declutter project, is having more success than I am.

I’m hoping that in 2022 and possibly even somehow during these last weeks of 2021 I can get myself into a proper work and declutter pattern. I want to do more video content for my other site along with all the usual articles and weekly comic strip. I’m not even doing my annual Christmas superhero comic and I’m worried I won’t have the planned video review ready either. However, only so much can be blamed on how sick I’ve been this year since that doesn’t excuse the times I’ve been healthy, few as those days have been this year. After the surgery I could have done more smaller projects and I have to ask what happened when I could lift heavier things again.

I think I figured out the main reason I’m failing versus how good I was doing when I started this site. I don’t have a place for a bunch of this stuff. I don’t have a place for the photo stage my dad put together. I don’t have a place for the big lamp now that a small TV that belonged to my late uncle is sitting there…which is really why I have an inaccessible corner. What I really need is to better find a location for all this stuff and my emphasis for 2022 need to be removal over simply reorganizing. This is probably going to be the heaviest decision making but not being a hoarder is more than not adding to what’s there. I still need to better organize and that’s going to be a goal as well, but there are things I’m going to have to sell off or toss out and I have to accept that moving on.

As soon as I do have this year’s decorating done I’ll show you the picks, but I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in 2021 while I start doing some thinking.


Transformer Christmas Tree 2019

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Not the best angles. All the Transformers Universe figures I’ve reviewed thus far that I’m keeping with you a Merry Christmas. I’ll be finishing this box after Christmas but a bunch of life issues and getting my Christmas comic done by Christmas means the clutter may end up on the back burner the next few weeks. As a bonus here’s a video I shot for my other site that also shows off my Christmas decorations in the studio.

Delayed Project

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I was hoping to take down my Christmas decorations this week, but thanks to a surprise doctor visit (I didn’t know it was scheduled…no new problems as far as I know) other projects got delayed, including a video review for my other site that requires my Christmas decorations stay up until I can record. With no plans this week and the script done, all I have to worry about is filming. I don’t even need it for editing, but I’ll probably complete the video before taking it down. And then hopefully at least a small project before the next big project.


Namely the next stage of the comic organizing project. It’s not the final step; I still have a lot of comics to go through, but it is a big one.