Quick Report: Another Cleaning Day

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This week the clutter took a backseat to cleaning the bathroom. I did try to go through my email clutter but while I did managed to clear out a lot of outdated emails and read most of the remaining I didn’t even get caught up on this month. Still, it’s something and now my toilet is the proper color and the dust is gone so I’m calling this week successful.


Minor Cleaning Task: Couch Piece

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I didn’t think to take pictures since I had other distractions this week and it was kind of a last minute plan yesterday; just something I wanted to do rather than a cleaning project. But here’s an example of what the remaining sectional looked like…


…because as I’ve mentioned before this is one of the clutter gathering points. Actually it looked worse than this. This I could actually sit on. What I really need is a place to put my work uniform…at least until I can pick up some shirt hangers. But that’s my report for this week.