I’ll Get This Thing Cleaned Off Yet




You again, huh? I was going to do another DVD review this week, but I decided getting this cleaned took priority. This is an old picture; what I had here looked much worse. As I write this there’s still some work left to do. I’m determined to get this mess back into useable workspace. I’ll keep you posted.



Taking Time To Think

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Things have changed since I started this two years ago. And yet in two years you’d think I’d have more accomplished. I’m not even sure I’m half done. Is this how bad I’ve let things go? And now a new problem has surfaced and while I’m not giving up I had something of a revelation this morning I’d like to share.

You’ll note that this article posted later than usual. Before then I had nothing. No cleaning got done this week. I’m barely keeping up with projects I have already. Plus there’s the regular cleaning like vacuuming I need to worry about, right after this posts today. So what’s been the problem? A few things actually, and that’s where the thinking comes in.