Organizing The Hat Rack

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Sorry, the window was brighter than I thought.

I like wearing hats when I go out. I just liked collecting a few as a kid and I’ve picked up a few more since, but I like wearing hats more as an adult than I did as a kid. I didn’t hate wearing them, I’m just more into wearing them when I’m out now. To keep them organized my mom opted not to just use a hat rack but picked up a pot and pan rack (I think that’s what that is) thinking it could hold more hats. It would if the hats weren’t falling all over each other. It’s kind of a mess and kind of a pain to get one hat without a bunch of them falling behind the couch, plus it doesn’t look very nice. This week’s project was to try to fix that a bit and find a different way to have the hats on there.

I had tested one way to get the hats on there and it seemed to be holding. So it was just a matter of doing it for all the hats…or at least the hats I could. By the time I was done, I also had a couple of donations and eliminations do I decluttered a bit as well. That’s a nice bonus.



Quick Report: More With The Dresser Clothes

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Just a quick follow-up to last week’s report, partly because I accidentally deleted the pictures (this is from last week’s project) and partly because I did a few other projects I needed to do that probably won’t interest this site.

So I did go through the clothes in my dresser to see what fits and what’s in good shape plus the opposite. I already got rid of all the shirts I didn’t need last week. The shorts that I use around the house are all fine as are my swimming shorts but sadly I now only have one pair of going out shorts. Sure I don’t have to worry about that now (it is currently about 10° F out there) but it’s something I’ll have to worry about eventually. Also no issue with the tank tops.

I also did find a better folding system for the shirts, pants, and shorts. Now I can put the tank tops with the shorts. Of course I only have three pair of around the house pants now, and I still need to go through the closets in a later project to see what fits, but now everything is where I wanted to be last week–a drawer for the shirts, one for the pants, and one for the summer clothes. That’s a win.

Quick Project: Reorganizing My Drawers (Again)

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I’ve already done this as part of a previous project so this is more of a re-project. However, my underwear and sock drawer somehow became a mess. I finally realized it when I went looking for a handkerchief (I keep one to clean my glasses or if I need to blow my nose and have no place to dispose of a tissue) and I couldn’t find it. I’ve also had trouble getting my slipper socks out. So this week I pulled everything out and reorganized it so I could find everything.

No, I don’t have pictures. I’m not posting my underwear on the internet.

And it didn’t stop there as I fixed up two other drawers, the one with my shirts and the one with my shorts. Now I can find those clothes as well. The other dresser drawers are fine so I didn’t have to do anything with them. It’s not one of the remaining big projects but it needed to be done.

Quick Project: More Closet Cleaning

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I noticed a few new subscribers after last week’s book report. Hi. If you came for the story reviews, check out my primary website, BW Media Spotlight. You can also see me review the next book one chapter at a time, as well as reviews of comics, movies, TV shows, video games, and music as I examine the art of storytelling. This site is about organizing my clutter, so if you’re here for that, I only had time for a quick project this week.

Back to the closet.

This week’s project was supposed to be finally getting to the next phase of my comic organizing project. However, I had a chance to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (speaking of movie reviews AND more Star Wars) before it exited the theaters so I had to take it. And for that I needed pants. Warm pants because it’s still Winter in these here parts. So this week’s project was a continuation of the last closet-organizing project I did. It was time to not only test out my jeans but my long-sleeve shirt to see what fits and what doesn’t.


Quick Project: Fitting Pants

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This one wasn’t on the list, but it’s like I’m a slave to it. I’ve been having trouble finding pants that fit. First I lose way too many pounds between the Diverticulitis and colon inflammation, and then I get back to close to my previous weight (I don’t want to be all the way back there and I’m already worried I’m getting too far over proper weight) and now pants still don’t fit. So I went through all of my pants and found what fits, what doesn’t, and what could fit again. The second is going out of my closet, but being unemployed means I can’t give up too many pants.

I need to do this with my jeans as well, but I went to a local event on Saturday which limited my time and next week I put up my Christmas decorations again. (And hopefully it won’t take until late Spring before I can take them down.) So that phase of the project is going to wait a couple of weeks unless I get some spare time to actually fix that.

“I Can’t Find My Shirt!”

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closet 001

That’s what happened this week. Actually, I want to find a dark-colored short-sleeved shirt for my Dad, who was attending a wake earlier this week. But I had shirts all in the wrong spot, another victim of my state of mind this year, being too sick, in pain, or weak to really care where anything went. So this week’s project was to get this into a better shape.


More Cluttered Thoughts

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junk drawer 01

I didn’t have time to clean again this week. Well, actually I did. But what I cleaned was stuff I cleaned already, like getting clothes off of the couch piece. Again. Sometimes it seems like new clutter appears just as soon as you got rid of the old stuff, and that’s only if you’re lucky. Sometimes the clutter builds before you can knock it down. So once again I find myself asking why. (Or perhaps “why does this keep happening to me God, why?” on a bad day.) I’m not sure of all my solutions yet, which is one of the reasons I started this blog but I’m darn good at identifying my foes! Like the G.I. Joe TV show used to say, knowing is half the battle. Sadly Flint was always silent on the other half. Thanks for nothing.


Going through my clothes drawers (no photos)

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This week’s assignment was to reorganize my clothing drawers. While I have my “going out” clothes in my closet, my “staying home” clothes, shorts, PJs, and underwear/socks are in the drawers. All I really did this week was refold stuff, organize them into stacks in the drawers, and make it easier to find stuff. No dividers (no room), no revelations, just refolding and repiling. Still, something that had to be done.

Next week I won’t be doing any organizing, checking, reviewing, or anything else so there won’t be a post next week. I’ll be attending a convention called ComiCONN for my other site (and because I like comics) so there won’t be time. New report in two weeks.