Quick Report: Getting The Artputer Going

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I’m going to be devoting the next week or so to getting the “Artputer” fully active so I can make all kinds of cool stuff. It qualifies as a Clutter project because it involves me getting my work area going and some things I’ll have to do with the rest of the project days I have available. This week my project was getting it to minimum comic making status for my weekly comic. That included:


Organizing My Workspace

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This is another of those projects I keep coming back to, trying to find the optimal arrangement for maximum efficiency. Which makes me sound more businesslike than I am. This time I pulled everything out of every drawer, cabinet, and cubby hole on my computer desk and found better places for everything from square one. While a couple of things went back to when I had them anyway, I did alter the arrangement there and everywhere else. So the end result was worth it.


Quick Project: More Desk Organizing

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I don’t even have that monitor anymore.

Every now and then my work desk gets all cluttered up. It happens to all of us. Well, since video projects and energy-draining heat and humidity pretty much kept me from the intended review and since I worked on the top of the desk last week, I decided to fix up my computer work space this week. Simple task but it looks a lot neater, although I still have a small pile of papers to go over, organize, and throw out. I think I’ll start once I’m done writing this, but it may be a while before that’s done.

Next week I’m hoping to photograph and write a GoBot review. We’ll see what happens.