Three Quick Projects

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So this is what I was going to do this week. The last time I worked on that corner of the closet I had fixed it up pretty well. It’s gotten slightly worse since then even though I don’t toss things back there like I used to. Still, it needed a revisit project…or so I thought. When I actually started I only had to worry about one thing. Not much of a project so I figured why not tackle a few minor projects that still needed a little time to devote to it. So that was this week’s projects.


Game Of Couches

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Abstract picture of a Couch.

Abstract picture of a Couch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have no pictures for this week because the clutter cleaning came from helping my dad with a project. The couch we’ve had since I was a kid has finally joined the matching chairs in being in too bad a shape to hold on to. It’s still technically usable (anyone want a sagging couch with an outdated bird motif?), but we have another perfectly good couch to call on. My parents had turned the former dining room into a sitting room with TV. We could watch a bit of TV while cooking while being close to the stove, or my dad could watch what he wanted and my mom what she wanted. Since she’s no longer with us, he moved the TV into the bedroom because I currently can’t use it and this way he could lie down and watch a bit of TV.

So yesterday we took out the old couch and moved the former sitting room couch into the living room. It wasn’t easy thanks to the tight doors and curves (we also had to move stuff to get it in) but we got it done. It took up half the day and I have a video to finish putting together. So that took up my time. What I need to do is organize all the papers and stuff…again, since this seems to be my biggest clutter problem at the moment. It’s amazing how much non-essential mail (you know, stuff that isn’t bills or important info from wherever) and other paper clutter seems to be piling up.

Minor Cleaning Task: Couch Piece

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I didn’t think to take pictures since I had other distractions this week and it was kind of a last minute plan yesterday; just something I wanted to do rather than a cleaning project. But here’s an example of what the remaining sectional looked like…


…because as I’ve mentioned before this is one of the clutter gathering points. Actually it looked worse than this. This I could actually sit on. What I really need is a place to put my work uniform…at least until I can pick up some shirt hangers. But that’s my report for this week.