My Little Pez Collection

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One of my Twitter followers may get a kick out of this, as he blogs about Pez (so into it that the blog’s title swears) and looks for other people who collect Pez dispensers. Now I’ve never been a big Pez collector. At the time I picked most of these up I was working at a telemarketing company, and it’s as boring as it sounds. I lasted about two months before they let me go. She was a fair boss, but things didn’t work for me there. I’m sure you really didn’t care, but I only bring it up because of why I picked them up, which was to have something between calls to stave off hunger. I was actually known by one co-worker because of the Pez dispensers.

I wanted a bit of variety so I picked up a few different ones, and for fun I thought I’d share them with you. And Jason. Besides, the toy reviews seem to get the most traffic, although I should do some more organizing, too.


Toy Report: Daffy Duck figure

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Daffy Duck

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Last week I went through the cubby hole and straightened up a few things. Now it’s time to start the “purge reviews”, as it were. If you noticed, there were so many action figures that I couldn’t fit them all in the box. Well, I grouped them into a series of reviews. Having nowhere else to put him, I was planning to put my Daffy Duck figure in a review set with my various Mega Man figures since he wouldn’t go into any of the other slots and this was the shortest set. However, pictures for the latter came out unusable so I can’t post any pictures of their review. (Remember, one article per week is my goal here, and time is almost up.) The Daffy shots were at least salvageable, so it looks like he’s getting his own review.

I think he’d want it that way.