Being a fan of the Star Trek series and a semi-avid reader, having graphic novels based off of the series is a given. I have quite a few actually and most of them I enjoy. In a move taken from the comics Simon and Schuster (who publishes the books through their “Pocket Books” divisions and also via “ebooks”) decided to make a crossover of the four active properties at the time; the original series (TOS is the official shortcut, but I’ll just call it the original or classic for this article), Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), Deep Space Nine (DS9), and Voyager (official shortcut “VOY”, but for my purposes, “Voyager” will do).

The mini-series, created by John J. Ordover and Diane Carey (who would write the opening chapter in the four-parter), was called “Invasion” and told a story that would encompass all four starships. Four of the top writers were brought in to tell the story which did what Star Trek likes to do with religion, mythology, and folklore–blame it all on space aliens. So how well did it do?