Quick Report: Drives And Media Libraries

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I was going to dust in the bathroom today but for some reason I was really tired all day. But I did get some stuff done. My dad recently purchased one of those external floppy drives because we both have floppy disks from the days when those mattered, and there are still some fun games on them. Not all of them will work in his Windows 8 computer but they’ll work on my XP laptop and maybe even his 7 laptop if we can get it running again. So I had to see if that was working. Seems to be okay.

I spent the rest of the day finally getting back to my other site’s media library, filling in the descriptions to better find an image I might need. It’s a nice trip down memory lane as my 10th anniversary running that site is this month. I got through all of 2010’s pictures, and if that took most of the day you can imagine how many images I had to go through, taking time away to avoid eye strain of course. Next time I have to work on 2011. It’s not much but at least I did something today.


Cleaning under my desk

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It’s a crying shame when “temporary” takes years to find a permanent home. Take this bunch of stuff just underneath my desk. Some of this junk has been under there for years. You may notice leftover bits of our favorite cardboard box. There’s technically enough room for my feet to go under there, but I keep kicking stuff and I’ve been used to keeping one foot outside of the under the desk. It’s time to change this.


That’s a start.