Heroclix box

I know very little about HeroClix the game. I’ve never played it and never really studied it. I don’t really know the rules, but the bases turn to show different icons at different points, which is how the game is played. I think. That’s not why I own them. I own them because they’ve been given out for the last few Free Comic Book Days, usually in conjunction with whatever comic book-based superhero movie is coming out.

And these things are just so cool looking. A lot of gaming miniatures have posed figures but HeroClix goes a bit further, possibly because they can sitting on a disk that’s needed for the game. They’re also fully painted, though not extravagantly so. This is still a collectible figure game, like Yu-Gi-Oh but in plastic. Most of these HeroClix are superheroes although they have tried branching out into other battles, like Transformers. I wouldn’t mind adding one of those to the Bumblebee shelf, but all I have are the movie ones. Interestingly this year got a collectible box (above) while the other usually just came with a baggie and instructions I can’t follow. So let’s look at the two versions of the toys, two DC heroes and stuff based on the Iron Man movies.