Comic Organizing Mega Project: Manga Sorting

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Time for more with the project that doesn’t end. I have collected a lot of comics and some of that collection comes from Japan. I don’t just mean the translated stuff either. As noted in a previous report before the Mega Project began I ended up with these sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes because the solicit from the catalog failed to mention it was in Japanese. With so much manga being translated I didn’t always know what was and what wasn’t in English. I had considered translating this but the Japanese grammar system is so far removed from Western languages that it’s a lot more work than I care to do. I have other projects that interest me more.

However, as of this writing, the four listed in that report I still don’t know how to sell off. I tried eBay but there were no takers. Still, I decided to organize all my manga, translated or not, and move forward on the attempt with the others. I still need to look over the untranslated stuff and see if I can still follow the story enough to keep any of it. While I have collected some translated manga put into typical Western comic style I still have plenty in Japan’s usual digest form, just in my language. That I’ll go over as I do the rest of my comic collection, but first I need to sort it all alphabetically and by language. That was this week’s project.


Comic Report: why do I own untranslated manga?


For any readers not in the know, “manga” is pretty much Japanese for comic book, but fans in the West like to use that word to describe Japanese comics and comics done in the perceived Japanese style. It’s not superior in my opinion; it just means it comes from a different culture. The week I originally planned to review these was the week that the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, and since I’m both getting rid of them and hoping someone can point me to a place where I can find out how much they are worth I didn’t feel right doing it then. Now, however, I am prepared to go through my untranslated (also referred to as “raw” from what I can tell) manga.

Why did I buy comics in a language I can’t understand? A combination of enough money and space alongside naiveté (I actually thought I could translate them myself for fun, unaware at the time that Japan uses a different grammar system than we do) or occasionally not knowing that they weren’t in English, the curse of poor solicits when ordering. I also have a bunch of Spider-Man manga that’s untranslated, but for some reason I want to hold on to those. The ones seen above, however, are fair game.