A Few Smaller Projects

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Over the past few weeks my projects have been about setting up the digital side of my art corner. I did do a bit more of that this week but I also did a few smaller projects this week as well. Nothing really exciting but it’s still stuff that needed to be done, and with a book report coming next week I wanted something to discuss. That’s the secret tagline of this site. “I have an article to write, I need to clean something!”

So that’s what I did. Here’s a short list of this week’s projects.


Comic Organizing Mega Project: Manga Sorting

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Time for more with the project that doesn’t end. I have collected a lot of comics and some of that collection comes from Japan. I don’t just mean the translated stuff either. As noted in a previous report before the Mega Project began I ended up with these sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes because the solicit from the catalog failed to mention it was in Japanese. With so much manga being translated I didn’t always know what was and what wasn’t in English. I had considered translating this but the Japanese grammar system is so far removed from Western languages that it’s a lot more work than I care to do. I have other projects that interest me more.

However, as of this writing, the four listed in that report I still don’t know how to sell off. I tried eBay but there were no takers. Still, I decided to organize all my manga, translated or not, and move forward on the attempt with the others. I still need to look over the untranslated stuff and see if I can still follow the story enough to keep any of it. While I have collected some translated manga put into typical Western comic style I still have plenty in Japan’s usual digest form, just in my language. That I’ll go over as I do the rest of my comic collection, but first I need to sort it all alphabetically and by language. That was this week’s project.


Toy Report: Marvel Vs. Capcom Mega Man & War Machine

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Marvel V Capcom War Machine & Mega Man

It’s been too long since I’ve written a proper review for this site. And since my more needed clutter-cleaning project isn’t going to make for a good article, let’s do that.

Marvel Versus Capcom is a great fighting game series, featuring characters of Marvel Comics and the Capcom video game characters either teaming up or fighting each other depending on the players. The plot of the first game (at least under the MvC name, as smaller clashes had occurred previously), Clash Of Super Heroes, is that Professor Xavier needs the help of heroes from both realities to stop his overpowered, evil alter-ego, Onslaught. In the comics, Onslaught nearly killed a group of heroes that were saved only because Reed and Sue Richards’ son, Franklin, was able to transport them to a pocket dimension he created. Very long story, folks.

I’m not very good at the game (surprising nobody) but I do have a favorite team, born not out of gameplay mechanics but personal character preference, the team of Capcom’s Mega Man and Marvel’s War Machine. So when I saw a two-pack toy, released by Toy Biz as part of a brief line, featuring both characters I had to get it. So how do these figures hold up?


Toy Report: Mega Man NT Warrior figures


The problem with using natural sunlight through broken blinds.

Mega Man: NT Warrior was an anime and manga series based off of the Nintendo game Mega Man Battle Network, created by Capcom for the Game Boy Advance and later the DS. Although it shares character names with the original Mega Man games, this is a completely new continuity. Instead of robot battles, you take on the role of Lan Hikari, a kid who likes to play virtual combat with his “Net Navi”, Megaman.exe. Mattel released an action figure line based on the animated series, which had been imported to the US to help promote the Battle Network game (although they gave it a different name from the games).

When I had asked for Mega Man action figures I had meant ones from the toyline where last week’s figure came from. However, I forgot that my parents didn’t keep up on all the latest info on the toys from when I was a kid, much less a bunch of figures that their “Peter Pan Syndrome”-burdened 20+ year-old son wanted. So I ended up with one figure from the “right” line, and the three figures pictured above. So where they any good, and will they stay in the collection like the last two figures?


Toy Report: Mega Man

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Mega Man (character)

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The second in this series of toy reviews before I move to something else for a post or two (seriously, I could make weeks worth of posts just reviewing the action figure box unless I go daily, and I don’t have the time) features the original Blue Bomber, Mega Man! Now this one of two action figures I have featuring the classic version of Capcom‘s game character. The other was from the “Marvel Vs. Capcom” line that came with a version of War Machine. I’ll review those two together, so for now you get just the one.

Let’s be honest, I suck at most video games to begin with, and that includes the Mega Man games (known as Rockman in his native Japan, which is why his non-hero name is “Rock” in both translations). So if I were to not like a game because I couldn’t breeze through it, I wouldn’t even be a casual gamer. Mega Man is one of my favorite games and thus one of my favorite characters. I also like the cartoon (at least when it came out…and I still kind of like it now) but wasn’t able to get my hands on the action figures from those lines. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get any of the action figures from the Jazwares line, based off of the video games, except for this one figure. I’ll tell you why this is a sad thing during the review.