DVD Report: Batman & Robin (the 1949 movie serial)

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Don’t confuse this with the infamously bad Joel Schumacher film from 1997. This serial was produced in 1949. You may recall I recently reviewed the previous serial from 6 years previous. Now it’s time to see how the sequel holds up. Except it’s not really a sequel. None of the original actors return, and much has changed from the original. If anything, it’s closer to the comics now.

Batman and Robin (serial)

Batman and Robin: The Complete 1949 Movie Serial Collection

PUBLISHER: Sony Pictures, originally produced by Columbia Pictures
STARRING: Robert Lowery, John Duncan, Jane Adams, and Lyle Talbot
WRITERS: George H. Plympton, Joseph E. Poland, and Royal K. Cole.
PRODUCER: Sam Katzman
DIRECTOR: Spencer Bennet



DVD Report: Batman – The 1943 Movie Serial

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I’ve mentioned before my love of movie serials, when I reviewed The Adventures of Captain Marvel. I’ve been trying to build up my serial library, and of course that would include other superheroes. Batman’s first appearance on the big screen was in the 1940’s, in a 15-part movie serial that also doubled as war propaganda. This lead to a number of changes, but that’s no surprise these days, when plenty of adaptations change things for their own needs. The question is how well the end product is.

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BATMAN: The Complete 1943 Movie Serial Collection

PRODUCER: Columbia Pictures
DISTRIBUTOR: Sony Home Entertainment
STARRING: Lewis Wilson (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Douglas Croft (Dick Grayson/Robin), J. Carrol Nash (Dr. Tito Daka), Shirley Patterson (Linda Page), and William Austin (Alfred)
SCREENPLAY: Victor McLeod, Leslie Swabacker, and Harry Fraser
PRODUCER: Rudolf C. Flothow
DIRECTOR: Lambert Hillyer