Toy Report: Nickelodeon’s Donatello

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OK, so I have another Ninja Turtle toy to talk about.

Recently Nickelodeon, a subsidiary of Viacom, bought the rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Not the licensing rights, the entire franchise. This lead to a new cartoon and of course a new toyline. Rather than go with a new company, Nickelodeon stuck with long time Ninja Turtles toy makers Playmates. While I have no intention of getting the entire series or even all four Turtles, my curiosity as to whether they’ve improved since the previous toyline got the better of me (mostly because of my reviews) and I snagged me a Donatello.

Right in the package I can tell they toned down the “egghead” look the cartoon hasgiven him. (Yes, he’s a genius and “egghead” is the nickname, sometimes insulting, given to geniuses. We get it.) Otherwise, I don’t have a lot to say about the front of the package. A quick look at the back, and then it’s time to open this baby up.


Toy Review: Storage Shell Donatello


Last weekend I attended the Brass City Comic Convention in Waterbury, CT, where I got some interviews I’m trying to edit together for the other site. I also won a raffle where you went to the table and chose your own prize from whatever was left. It was the last drawing, so there was a comic collecting book that would probably tell me what I already know or didn’t care about, a teddy bear, and Storage Shell Donatello. Being a fan of the purple-garbed scientist Ninja Turtle I went with that, but I was actually questioning whether or not to open it. See, this is an original figure from the 1990’s, around the time the original cartoon was still riding the wave, although perhaps on the way down. Toy company Playmates had the license for the figures and was always trying to find new ways to keep the line fresh.

Standing outside the package is a reissue of the original Donatello. (That or Big Lots found a ton of the original figures when they remade the cartoon, which was closer to the tone of the original comics while still remaining kid-friendly and telling their own story, came out. The shell is stamped “1988” but that could be the mold.) Naturally, I picked it up because I’m a Donatello fan and I’ll be reviewing them both at the same time. This is also a good way to give my photo studio a bit of a workout.