Cleaning The Under Art Desk Shelf

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This fell slightly short of being a “quick project”. So I had trouble sleeping Friday night…again, but this time I was able to actually get some organizing done that I wanted to do last week. This is a shelf on the bottom of my art desk. As a former computer desk I guess this was an option for where the computer could go…provided you could turn it on and off with your toe? I don’t remember how I had the computer on this one though I don’t remember getting on the floor any time I wanted to load a disk or CD. Anyway it became a junk shelf until it was blocked by two big piles of comics. Since I was finally able to move those it was time to go after this.

It wasn’t a hard project and only took a few hours, though there are parts I need to still do, possibly next week and hopefully with a bit more sleep, but I got the important part done and that works for me. Let’s go over what I did, because otherwise this isn’t much of a report.



Re-adjusting my art caddy

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Some time ago you may recall I decided to alter the way I set up my art caddy, a little thing I had since my teen years and haven’t felt the need to get something else. If you’ll recall (or just click the link in the previous paragraph) I was unhappy with having the pens on the bottom set of holes because they flop around, Plus I was worried about the coloring pencils being lost in the big holes as they get used up.

That was back in January of last year. As I’ve used it I found more and more that I may have been in error. Or maybe it’s just because I use more pens.


Adjusting my art caddy


It’s been a while since I’ve done some organizing, what with the holidays, so this week I went with something small. Just to get myself back into the mindset, you know.

This is an art caddy that my parents bought for me many, many years ago. It’s still good, but there were some problems with my layout. I had trouble finding the coloring pencils I wanted when I went to color. (Some people use markers, and I know a guy that can do amazing things with crayons. However, if I’m not using the computer I find it easier for me to use coloring pencils, maybe markers for special effects.) On the bottom set of holes they’re rather large, which meant that the pens are flopping around unless they’re big like a regular marker.

The end result was me spinning the thing around all the time trying to find the right size pen or the particular shade of brown I wanted, and things may not necessarily end up where I had them because I didn’t want to try to remember which hole they came from. So a little reorganizing is in order.