When my wireless phone provider dropped the 2G service (and I don’t really get the whole “G” thing so don’t ask me) I was given two choices: a 3G flip phone and a 4G smartphone. Knowing at some point 3G would go as there were already rumors of a 5G in the works I went with the smartphone. I’ve since found a few advantages but I didn’t overload my phone with apps. Just a few to keep me occupied during long waits or things I needed when I was out. However the storage space was so low that not only was I forced to give up apps but soon I couldn’t even update without going through and deleting all previous updates one app at a time. And sometimes even that didn’t work.

So with the 2020 plague stimulus offering me an opportunity I finally bought a new phone. Still a budget phone because who knows when I’ll have money come in again and I need to save that for necessities, but it’s all I need in the end. This week I used the usual clutter organizing time to transfer information, put in the necessary apps, and other set-up requirements to get the new phone ready for use. I’m trying to decide what to do with this old phone though. I can’t update it so I can’t put anything on it and I’m not sure who would want a phone they can’t update. I’ve seen videos for turning smartphones into security cameras and stuff but I’m not sure where I’d set it up. As it is we rarely go out and you hear all these hacker stories that make me question using WiFi in my security system. I don’t think I can get a trade-in after the fact and I bought the phone in a regular store, not the phone store. Anyone have any suggestions?