First, what happened last week? Surprise convention that I thought was a week later. I wasn’t ready for it. Day after the convention: Crohn’s flare-up. Been a doozy of a week. Now, on to the review.

Doc Ock 01

I wanted a Doctor Octopus action figure for my various Spider-Men to take on. He’s one of my favorite Spider-Foes. His robotic tentacles are cool and he’s a scientist, which gives Spidey a chance to use his own science knowledge that so many writers seem to forget. So of course I grabbed this. And was disappointed. If you’re a fan and wondering why he isn’t wearing shades, he actually has a pair of normal glasses…that broke off within mere seconds of breaking him out for this review. I wish this was my biggest complaint about the figure. Sadly, it is not.

(And no, comic fans, we are NOT bringing up the recent events with Spidey and Ock in the comics. Let’s not confuse everyone.)