As I mention in the video below, my dad picked up an Amazon gift card after changing cable companies and invited me to pick something. My choice was getting a new drawing tablet. Why?

Since I took this picture the pile on the right, containing lineart from my daily comic strip, has gotten larger. I’m not sure what to do with it. This comic is not one I can collect since so many punchlines are a product of when they were made. It’s like a political cartoon, except I talk about the storytelling industry, not politics. I try to keep politics out of my work; there’s enough of that out there already. While I still want to do traditional drawing I thought being able to draw directly to the computer, instead of scanning lineart and coloring/lettering on the computer anyway.

My tablet of choice is the A610 from Parblo. In the video below I do an unboxing, and then I’m joined by my friend Sean to try it out, using Clip Studio Paint, my drawing program of choice.