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No pictures for this one. This week’s project was about organizing all of my various passwords for websites, forums, and various other things. I keep them in a notebook, and one security measure experts tell you is to not have the same password for every website. However, finding a password was, like the shirts a few weeks ago, an exercise in frustration.

So what I did was assign each page their own letter. While I can’t list them alphabetically (sites go away and new sites get signed up to) I can sort them alphabetically, so all the “A”s are on one page, “B”s the next, and so on. This way I know I can find a password easier than I could before. It’s not perfect but it’s better than I had and will make life a little bit easier. And that’s what this is about, organizing clutter to make my life easier, and that was becoming cluttered in the notebook. Now to put it someplace safe until I need to log into something.