The Software Organizing Project part 7

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I know there was no article last week but the short version is medicine I was given to aid in my Crohn’s management backfired and I got really sick that Saturday. I only got off sick leave a few days ago on my daily media review site. I therefore had nothing to report and wasn’t in any condition to report it anyway. Luckily it was additional medicine and it didn’t affect my usual medicine, nor was it a major requirement. I’ll live.

I’ve hit another barrier with this project as well, and it’s one that’s going to delay the completion until I solve it. This week I did take a few moments to test some more software, but given I’m way behind on a video project for my other site I’ve tried to push for that after I was feeling better. However, that wasn’t the problem and I’m kind of padding for the homepage at this point. I did test some software on the laptop finally though so I do have something positive to report.



Another Corner To Fix Up

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Another messy corner. I’ve got to stop throwing junk in the corner. This particular mess is making it harder for me to get to certain videos, games, and other software. Time to reorganize again.