Here at The Clutter Reports we have seen that cardboard can be your friend. It can also be a fire hazard and something else to trip over or cover your desk or shelves. So this week’s assignment is a boring article but a necessary operation. Some boxes I keep because it’s good to store things in to keep it protected. But if there is something I’m not storing away or have another option for, it’s going to go into the recycling bin. I actually did this recently with mail-in boxes that are too small for the drawer dividers or any other current project and it’s not like they’re hard for me to get if I need them in the future. Even if I stop working at the store I think they would be willing to put something aside and I will be ordering more things in the future. They’re easy to replace. Otherwise, if they aren’t needed for storage and I’m not sending the item back, it’s in the way and so it’s going away. That should clean up a little room up here.

Just remember to check through the box before folding or breaking it up. I almost threw out an extension cable for my webcam I didn’t even know (or at least forgot) came with it.