My Little Pez Collection

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One of my Twitter followers may get a kick out of this, as he blogs about Pez (so into it that the blog’s title swears) and looks for other people who collect Pez dispensers. Now I’ve never been a big Pez collector. At the time I picked most of these up I was working at a telemarketing company, and it’s as boring as it sounds. I lasted about two months before they let me go. She was a fair boss, but things didn’t work for me there. I’m sure you really didn’t care, but I only bring it up because of why I picked them up, which was to have something between calls to stave off hunger. I was actually known by one co-worker because of the Pez dispensers.

I wanted a bit of variety so I picked up a few different ones, and for fun I thought I’d share them with you. And Jason. Besides, the toy reviews seem to get the most traffic, although I should do some more organizing, too.



Toy Review: Storage Shell Donatello


Last weekend I attended the Brass City Comic Convention in Waterbury, CT, where I got some interviews I’m trying to edit together for the other site. I also won a raffle where you went to the table and chose your own prize from whatever was left. It was the last drawing, so there was a comic collecting book that would probably tell me what I already know or didn’t care about, a teddy bear, and Storage Shell Donatello. Being a fan of the purple-garbed scientist Ninja Turtle I went with that, but I was actually questioning whether or not to open it. See, this is an original figure from the 1990’s, around the time the original cartoon was still riding the wave, although perhaps on the way down. Toy company Playmates had the license for the figures and was always trying to find new ways to keep the line fresh.

Standing outside the package is a reissue of the original Donatello. (That or Big Lots found a ton of the original figures when they remade the cartoon, which was closer to the tone of the original comics while still remaining kid-friendly and telling their own story, came out. The shell is stamped “1988” but that could be the mold.) Naturally, I picked it up because I’m a Donatello fan and I’ll be reviewing them both at the same time. This is also a good way to give my photo studio a bit of a workout.