William Shatner is known as an actor, spokesperson, and occasional documentary host, but he has played in other forms of media. He’s been a “singer”  (more like spoken word outside of his one-night appearance on The Masked Singer that showed us why he did spoken word music) and an author. One of those books was also made into a video game based on the spin-off TV show, and that’s what I just finished reviewing over on my other site one chapter at a time. So you can click here for the very deep review. What you’ll be reading here is just my overall thoughts on the complete book.

Created by William Shatner, there are claims that the book was ghostwritten by Ron Goulart, who does have a credit in the book. From there a total of eight more books, a series of adaptations airing in syndication as part of a programming block called “Action Pack” was followed by a full season on the USA cable network, which was the basis for a rather mediocre first-person video game. Additionally both Marvel Comics and Bluewater Productions have made comic stories set in that world.

I’m working from the paperback novel released in 1990 by Ace Books. Before then a limited edition printing by Phantasia Press and a printing by G.P. Putman’s Sons were released, at least one of them in hardback.