Christmas videos

Happy New Year, everybody! Let’s hope this year is better than the last one. In other words, no more surgeries and long hospital stays for myself and members of my family. Between my problems, my cousin damaging his skull (praise God he’s healed), and my Dad having work on his hand (plus an old co-worker who had a motorcycle accident and needed leg surgery and my neighbor who lost a foot), one of my best friends losing his mom to the same cancer that killed his dad years earlier, and one of my reviewer colleagues whose stepfather died in a car accident, this has been a horrible year even if you don’t follow politics and celebrities. I’m praying for a better 2017. I’m also hoping to get back to my clutter-clearing in force and working on other projects that I hope will lead to bettering my future.

I know I usually do this on Christmas, but I didn’t get THIS year’s Christmas video review done for my other site (and it’s still not done) as I was rushing to get a comic done for Christmas day (which was a day late). I’m rather annoyed by that, but it’s been that kind of year, folks. Still, today’s review from last year’s Christmas is something I actually own, and so it works for this site, while last year’s review was done of something I found online (and came from two years ago).

Rankin/Bass’s The Little Drummer Boy comes from a collection of videos released by Sony Wonder as part of their “Original Television Christmas Classics” box set, seen above on the left. My version looks like a little book, but more recent releases just uses the typical set containers. They’re all Rankin/Bass productions, and my version was packaged with a separate video containing the subject of my first BW Christmas Video Review, A Cricket On The Hearth. So let’s see how this movie holds up.