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Hello, 2014

Over at my other site I reviewed a Bionicle comic. It…was kind of lacking. However, it did convince me to review the one Bionicle figure I own. In case you didn’t read the article I linked to, Bionicle was one LEGO’s ventures beyond the classic building blocks and into one of action figures. (You may be more aware of their spiritual successor, the “Hero Factory” line, only they’re full robots.) In this case it takes place on the island of Mata Nui, most likely not on Earth. Wikipedia claims the world was called Aqua Magna. The people of Mata Nui were bio-organic in nature and seem to have developed a culture around both the various lands and climates their tribes lived in as well as a shared culture involving wearing masks. The various tribes also shared the legend of the Toa, mighty warriors who would return to protect the island from evil.

After defeating their first threat, a new foe appeared as the toyline expanded. During the course of these events, the Toa gain new powers and become Toa Nuvi…basically the same figures but with extra armor. This is when I bought one to experiment. Having seen the stories on the now gone website, the one that most interested me was the lone female, Gali, whose element was water. Although I can’t swim I do love the water (yeah, figure that one out) and blue happens to be my favorite color. Plus maybe I wanted to support the female in the boys toyline.